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Happy Valentine's Day!


1. Fly Sky Lanterns for the Valentine

Event Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017 00:01 –Saturday, February 18, 2017 23:59*

*All times are in CST, server time

Event NPC: Seven Feelings Lord (Chengdu: 550, 525)

Event Description: 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Buy a sky lantern and write a blessing for your other half! During the event, all players can get a task from Seven Feelings Lord, go to the Temple of the Old Matchmaker in Chengdu, buy a sky lanternfrom Gu Yuexiao(525,483) nearby to send your blessing.


1)  Internal skill cultivation rate of these players, who released a sky lantern to send someone a blessing, increases 100%. (30 min)

2) Experience conversion rate of these players, who received blessings, increases 100%. (60 min) (All players have chance to receive the blessings after the sky lanterns released.)

3) One player can release one sky lantern 5 times a day.



2. Valentine’s Rose Exchange

Event Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 00:01 –Saturday, February 18, 2017 23:59*

*All times are in CST, server time


Event NPCs: Miss Flower

Yanjing: 873, 30

Suzhou: 762, 583

Jinling: 1668, 310

Luoyang: 1287, 781

Chengdu: 543, 824


Event Details:

During the event, all players that reach Flows With Chi may exchange Jackdaw Herb for flower seed. Plant the seed and cultivate the flowers. Flowers may be exchanged for various items and actions from the event NPC.


Event Rewards:

Action: Good friends = 1 rose

Action: hold the thigh = 30 roses

Action: Pat On Head = 30 roses

Action: Slap = 60 roses

Action: Kiss Brow = 60 roses

Action: Dance (Couple) = 99 roses

Action: Deep kiss = 99 roses

Action: Send flirtatious looks = 99 roses

Action: Victory lift = 99 roses

Action: Kiss = 99 roses

White Horse Carriage (180 Days) = 999 roses

Dihuang Pill =2 lotus

Medicine wine = 2 Golden-Cicada flower

Title Flower whisperer(30 Days) = 30 roses


3. New on the mall's shelf(from February 8 to 22)


Heart-warming Mat 99 Gold

Joined Happiness Couch 99 Gold

Mandarin Duck Couch 99 Gold

Ali Gift Box 198 Gold

Thousand Love Small Gift Box 198 Gold

Seal Flutter Feather Fan Sheath 999 Gold

Gentleman Scabbard 888 Gold/Lady Scabbard 888 Gold


All Above Events will be available after maintenance of Feb 8th.