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World Boss Rampage

Event Date: April 9, 2017 20:30    

Event Details:

     After witnessing mental and physical destruction on their offsprings heaps of times, the world boss Bald Eagle King, Ten-thousand-year Old Fire Turtle and Snow Ape with Three Claws finally fed up and bristled. 

    They will revive in April with stronger juggernaut. Three Evils join together to premeditate bloody terrorist attacks in ChengDu city.

    The evil's rage and revenge are sure to bring endless disasters and blood. However, our spies even couldn't find the coordinates where they will appear. Server time 20:30 is the only clue we got from the dead spy.

    April is destined to be thrilling. Are you ready to face evil's revenge? All wushu warriors. Improve your inners and skills as much as possible, to get the wealth and glory for yourself.

Each World boss will drop rich rewards after being killed .
Good luck . Warriors!