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Age of Wulin changes publisher in Europe.

Today, we would like to announce that after the publishing licence returned on the 11th of July, 2017, Snail Games will take over operations  of Age of Wulin and migrate the characters to version of the Age of Wushu to ensure the continuity. 
We are sure that all of you have many questions about the future of your characters. We would like to take the opportunity to explain this process to you as transparently as possible.
Let us start with the most important question:
Q: What will happen to your characters?
A: We came up with a very convenient and great solution on how to keep (rather, migrate) your characters. During the maintenance on the 10th of May, we will apply a patch which will introduce a new NPC to the game. The name of the NPC is "Account Transfer Ambassador", and you will be able to find him in 2 locations: Chengdu 917 552 and Suzhou 330 743. This NPC has the sole purpose of registering your character for a transfer. 
The NPC will accept your reservation for transfer from the 10th of May until the 4th of July. On the 4th of July (1 week before the publisher change), the reservation functionality will be deactivated. Every character that fails to reserve the transfer by this date will not be migrated into Age of Wushu. From 10th of May to 4th of July, we will transfer characters every two weeks. On the 11th of July, all successfully registered characters will be migrated to Age of Wushu and will be available to you there. All character-relevant information, including VIP status and Gold, will be transferred. However, guilds and school ranks will not be transferred.
To use this migration service, you will need a Snail USA account, which you can create here: keep in mind that this newly created account is not associated with WEBZEN, so please ensure that you read their terms of service carefully. Once you have a Snail USA account, you can use the service of the "Account Transfer Ambassador". You simply need to interact with him in game, read and accept the transfer policies and type in your Snail USA account ID. If the system verifies your Snail USA account as valid, you will be notified that your reservation for migration was successful. In case the system is not able to validate your Snail USA account, you will be asked to type it in again. In order to help you locate the NPC, please see a screenshot of him below:
Q: When start the transfer?
A: From 10th of May to 4th of July, we will transfer characters every two weeks. On the 24th of May will start the first batch transfer, and after maintenance we will publish the name of successfully registered characters on the news. 
Requirements for transfer:
1.Character is not Acting Guild Leader or Sect Headmasters, Deacon, Elder in the school.
2.Character can not own World Shop, Mail, Couple, Companion, Martial Brothers or in wanted status.
Please make sure to meet the requirements before the transfer, or may cause failure.
1.Please create new account here: (FB & G+ account cannot be used.) Don't forget to bond the account to your own email for safe.
2.In case different players register same character on Migration NPC, please keep your account information safe these days. Only the first Snail account bound to current character registered on NPC is officially accepted.