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Halloween Events

1. Defeat the Rebellion Event


Awesome Gifts for Heroes in Jinling!

Event Date:
8:00 PM every day
Wednesday, October 25 00:00 –Sunday, November 5 23:30
* All times are in CST, server time.

During the event, there will be a huge amount of rebels congregating in the Royal Necropolis area in Jinling. Kill the rebels and get a ton of rewards.

Monster Loot:

Rebel Assistant General: Work Bench, Jianghu Internal Skill Scroll, Ancient Manual Scroll Fragment.

Rebel Colonel: Tianshan Snow Lotus Fruit *1 (100,000 Cultivation);
Rebel Captain: Snow Lotus Fruit *1 (50,000 Cultivation);
Rebel Soldier: Snow Lotus Pill *1 (10,000 Cultivation), Five-Realm Demon-Slaying *5

Special Loot (chance to drop): Whirlwind Kick, Heavenly Dance, Martial Arts Treasure Box


** The loot of Rebel Assistant General, Rebel Colonel, and Rebel Captain belong to the team or group with the highest total output. Damage dealt by ungrouped players is not counted.


2. Halloween Daily Gift Pack

During Halloween weekend, players can go to  Birthplaces or town to get  a special daily gift pack !

Event Date:
Sunday, October 29, 0:00 –Thursday November 2, 23:30
* All times are in CST, server time.

Pumpkin Gift Pack (October 31):

Yunxiao Token (14 Days) *1

Tianshan Snow Lotus Fruit *1

Imp Gift Pack (November 1):
Tendon-Relaxing Pill *5 (10000 Cultivation)

Zichen Pill *2

Sweet Gift Pack (November 2):

School Honor Certificate *50

Tendon-Relaxing Pill *5 (10,000 Cultivation)

Weapon Manual (Superior) *5


3. Childhood Halloween Memories Event


Receive a special gift pack to remind you of the simple pleasures of childhood.
Event Date:
Sunday, October 29 0:00 – Friday, November 3 23:30
* All times are in CST, server time.


During the event, players who have achieved "Realized Potential" can go to their birthplaces or town to claim 1 "Halloween Gift Pack" at Qian Fugui in major city from October 29to November 3.

Event Rewards:

        Halloween Gift Pack: Crystal Jade *1, Halloween Sweet *3

Crystal Jade: Collect 3 and exchange them for 1 Hobbyhorse (bind on pickup, lasts seven days, disappears at midnight on December 1, 2017) at Ai Xiaofeng, the Imperial Gift Giver. Crystal Jade expires at midnight on November 19.

** Notice:All the Gift Packs and items are Bound;

Halloween Sweet: A new item that increases movement speedby 10%. It lasts one hour and expires at midnight on December 1.


4. Halloween Raffle

            Event Date:

Sunday, October 29 0:00 –Thursday , November 9 23:30
* All times are in CST, server time.

Event Territory: All Regions/All Servers

Event NPC: "Event Ambassador" NPC of each town


During the event, players who have achieved "First Understanding" and joined a school can claim a Raffle Token at the "Event Ambassador" NPC of each town once they are online. There's a gift code on the token (Raffle Token can only be claimed between 18:00  to 19:30 every day). The raffle result will be disclosed at 20:00 daily.


  ** Notice:

                   1. Qiankun Tokensare not tradable. They expire automatically at midnightthe next day.

                   2. Be sure to claim the reward before 23:30 or it will expire.

                   3. Each raffle has 1 first prize, 3 second prizes, and 6 third prizes in each raffle.

                   4. The remaining players can also receive rewards.


5. World boss event

               World boss take revenge and attack players unexpectedly