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Weapons Revisited


  A powerful swordsman once said, “No sword, no life.” Truly, a weapon is the lifeblood of those who practice Wushu. Like Li Xunhuan’s Invincible Eastern Needle, weapons also reflect one’s personality. Age of Wushu is shows genuine weapon design, allowing players to express themselves in this manner. A weapon can be an extension of one’ reach, or the lifeblood of those in Age of Wushu. We talked a while back about the different weapon types. You can check that article out again or for the first time, clicking the image below.


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  Weapons also reflect one’s personality as well. In Age of Wushu a weapon is just as important to the customization of a character as the player controlling them. This is part of why we allow all  characters to use all the weapons so that they can choose which style best suits them in any battle.

Here is a brief look at the sharper selections in the game.

  While swords are courteous weapons, representing honesty and a kind heart, blades are used for murder. As the kung fu novelist Gu Long said: “The sword is noble in its elegance, but the blade is a tool.” Ambitious Schools such as the Royals Guards or Wanderer’s Valley wield blades. Witness the Royal Guards’ Soul Losing Blade, or the double-bladed Wind Chase Blade of Wanderer’s Valley, both powerful and deadly. 

One of the most ancient combat weapons is the sword. However, in Chinese culture the sword is distinct from the blade. The former is a “dual-edged straight blade,” the latter a “single-edged curved blade.” A sword strikes by cutting, shaving, and stabbing, and can be seen most often in the hands of the Wudang and Scholars. Three skill sets, Yin Yang Sword, Tai Chi Sword, and Breeze Sword, use the weapon in unique ways. Yin Yang boasts twin swords, Tai Chi a core concept of the five elements, and Breeze with greater range and attack power. The Scholars’ Boundless Sword looks to help others. Often used within Age of Wushu, it is difficult to travel Jianghu without a good sword.

Easier to conceal than a sword, the dagger is also called “sting” in Age of Wushu. Advantageous to assassins and for its surprise attacks in melee battle, daggers are light and flexible. For these reasons both Emei and Tangmen disciples use them. If you are crafty and like to keep your enemies off-balance with secret weapons, Emei is suggested for females, Tangmen if male.


In Age of Wushu there are also the Staffs, Throwing Knives, Rope Hooks, Barehands andmany other weapons to suit every player’s tastes. Try out all of them mix and match with your skill bar and unleash the fury of an Ancient Chinese Swiss Army Knife!