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Mid-Autumn Festival Events B

Event Name: Campfire Party

Event Time: Sep 26 – Oct 7

*All times are in CDT, server time

Event Rewards:Cultivation Point, Chi, Insights into Martial Arts, Surge of Cultivation

Event Details:

Join us and take part in the nighttime Bonfire Gala held by the townspeople! Go to any of these places: Qiandeng Town, Jiming Posthouse, Ruined Valley, or Yanyu Villa and enjoy some nighttime festivities.

Event Instructions:

12 Bonfire Party hosts will be on site in Qiandeng Town, Jiming Posthouse, Ruined Valley, and Yanyu Villa. Starting at 8 P.M. every evening, all event related items including the Bonfire, Jug, Barbecue Meat Holder, will spawn. All event related items will disappear at 9 P.M. There will be 12 bonfires, threeof which are massive. Come check it out!

Bonfire Party Compere Qiandeng Town [612 647][535 974][720 912]   Woodcutter [899 590]

Bonfire Party Compere Yanyu Villa [767 877][197 1016][577 568]   Woodcutter [347 1009]

Jiming Posthouse [575 197][318 235][940 66]   Woodcutter [784 277]

Bonfire Party Compere Evil Men's Valley [890 80][365 410][417 205]  Woodcutter [787 462]


Event Name: Rabbit Hunt

Event Time: Sep 26 – Oct 7

Rabbit trade-in time: Sep 26 – Oct 7

*All times are in CDT, server time

Event Details:

During the event, speak with Bu Turen the Hunter to join. Rabbits are redeemable for prizes. 

Bu Turen the Hunter can be found in Suzhou (768, 673), Chengdu (565, 924), Yanjing (833, -37), Luoyang (1157, 897). He’s where you would expecting him: Roaming about in the fields!

BuTuren will give you an ordinary rabbit-catching net that has unlimited uses. 

Jackdaw Herb (x200) are redeemable for an advanced rabbit-catching net.

White Rabbits and Golden Rabbits only appear after dusk.

Golden Rabbit Fur can be used to trade for better prizes

You can make the following deals with Bu Turen the Hunter:




Jackdaws Herb x200

Advanced Rabbit-Catching Net

Exquisite Rabbit Fur x2

Xuan Spirit Pill

40 Little White Rabbits

Bu Turen's Gift Box

Golden Rabbit Hair x2

Bu Turen's Gift I

Golden Rabbit Hair x10

Bu Turen's Gift II

Golden Rabbit Hair x20

Bu Turen's Gift III

Golden Rabbit Hair x40

Bu Turen's Gift IV


Attention:Players with vip can join this event.


Defeat the Rebellion Event

Awesome Gifts for Heroes in Jinling!

Event Date: Sep 26 – Oct 7  8:00 PM every day
* All times are in CDT, server time.

During the event, there will be a huge amount of rebels congregating in the Royal Necropolis area in Jinling. Kill the rebels and get a ton of rewards.

Monster Loot:

Rebel Assistant General: Work Bench, Jianghu Internal Skill Scroll, Ancient Manual Scroll Fragment.

Rebel Colonel: Tianshan Snow Lotus Fruit *1 (100,000 Cultivation);
Rebel Captain: Snow Lotus Fruit *1 (50,000 Cultivation);
Rebel Soldier: Snow Lotus Pill *1 (10,000 Cultivation), Five-Realm Demon-Slaying *5

Special Loot (chance to drop): Whirlwind Kick, Heavenly Dance, Martial Arts Treasure Box

The loot of Rebel Assistant General, Rebel Colonel, and Rebel Captain belong to the team or group with the highest total output. Damage dealt by ungrouped players is not counted.


World Boss Event

Attention Warriors! From Sep 26 to Sep 29, All kinds of world boss will take revenge on players unexpectly . Polish your weapons and fight them ,lots of reputation and wealth belong to you ! 

Attention: This event is mainly for EU players.Please arrange your time properly