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January Event


Event 1: Elks make trouble in Jinling.

Event date: January 25 – February 10

*All times are in CST, Server Time.

Event Details:

A herd of Milu under the leadership of the Milu King managed to escape from Royal Rare Beast Zoo under the nose of a careless zookeeper. Players can get in on the hunt for the Milu still at large in the field. You’ll be rewarded with great awards for returning the herd of Milu. Bear in mind that you must not put the Milu King, the rarest of the rare, in any danger!


Event Instructions:

During the event (6 P.M., 8 P.M., 10 P.M. every day), the Milu King and his herd will randomly appear in scenes of the Jinling map. They will keep moving to avoid being caught. Catch the Milu and return them to the leader of the West Jinling Suburb Hunting Ground (2126, 1560)to redeem prizes.


Event 2: All level up!

Event date: January 23 – February 12

*All times are in CST, Server Time.


Event content:

During the event period, the system can allow the players who have met the condition to upgrade instantly.


Disciples of the Eight Schools can learn corresponding Tier 4 internal skill and increase it to level 49, learn Tier 5 internal skill and increase its level cap to level 9, and learn Tier 1, 2, 3 internal skill and increase it to the required level to break through meridians and acupoints via Passing Internal Power from the Top at the School Instruction Administrator (once only).

Participation requirements:

1. Tier 3 school’s internal skill has reached level 30.

2. Tier 4 school’s internal skill has not reached level 49 yet.

3. You are not the Internal Skill Younger Brother.

4. You haven't betrayed the school during event period.

5. Note: If the original internal skill level is higher than level 49, it and its cap will remain unchanged


Disciples of the Eight Schools can choose to learn one school set to level 9 from 3 major sets or learn the 4th set to level 3.

Participation requirements:

Tier 5 school's inner skill has reached level 15.

Event 3: Double Gain Event

Event date: Runs from January 23, 0:00 — February 4th, 23:59


a. Double Martial Practice

During the event period, players who do not open double martial practice will have 100 Silver Coin limit when using the Martial Practice feature.

b. Double Life Skill Gains

During the event period, all life skill gains are increased by 100%.

Note: The daily maximum amount of Life Skill proficiency point gain remains unchanged.

c. Bonus Cultivation Time

During the event period, group cultivation between 21:00-23:00 will receive a 20% bonus.

d. Double Spy Rewards

During the event period, Spy Missions will grant double rewards. Intel will also be easier to acquire.

e. Double Gain from Book Raiding

f. Double weapon manual event

During the event time, player can get double challenge times in explore jianghu.

g. Double gaining in Wander Together with Swords


Event 4: Double Rewards for Events of Factions and Reclusive School.

Event Time: Jan.25 –Feb.12, 11:59 PM


*All times are in CST, server time

During the event, certain rewards for the Daily Events of the factions are doubled.

Factions include Palace of the Moving Flowers,Plum Blossom Island,Rootless Clan, Villa of Beasts,Xu Family Manor,Gold Needle Shen Family

During the event, certain rewards for the Daily Events of the Reclusive School are doubled.

Reclusive School names and Events:



Quest Name

Blood Blade Clan

Summon of the Grindstone

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Two Chained Tasks

Blade Coffin

Blade Challenge (Easy/Hard)

Yang Xi's Awakening

Ancient Tomb Sect

Pair Cultivation (Internal Skill)

Hunt Sparrows

Secret Room Cultivation

Keep Bees and Make Honey

Single’s Trial

Nianluo Dam

Dancing skills practice

Dance Duel

Two Chained Tasks

Seven-color Maze

Changfeng Escort Agency

Purchasing Materials and Goods

Daily Drill

Skillful Wall Run

Bed and Meal Accommodation in the Middle of an Escort Quest


Mount Hua Sect

Huanhua Washing Sword

Romancing the Sword

Defeat Evil

Sword of Transformation

Sword of Hearts Platform

Sword Spirit Platform

Sword of Veneration Platform

Winter Light Sword Array

Divine Water Palace

Get Kindling

Get Fruit

Catch Fish

Buddhist Seminar

Trial through Fire and Ice

Chase the Monkey 

Five Immortals Sect

Patrol the Five Immortals Sect

Work in the terraced field

Daily Cultivation

Pit battle

Body Practice in Mountain Wind 


Dharma Sect


Gluttonous Disciple

Lost Beads

Concentrated Cultivation

Travelling Healer

Holy Fire


Event 5: Whole-Server Celebration

Event Time: Feb.5, 0:00 AM –Feb.12, 11:59 PM


To celebrate Chinese New year, players staying online during event time will gain a 100% cultivation converting speed buff.


Event 6: Jianghu Hermit helps cultivation.

Event Time: Long-term Event


During 20:00-22:00 server time, players can go to Impart Knowledge places of Chengdu and Luoyang and talk with Jianghu Hermit and listen to teachings.


Step1: Talk with Jianghu Hermit to enter PLANES. Sit and breath at jianghu hermit and listen to his teachings. After completing, you can get “Attention concentrated” status and get cultivation 100% accelerate for 1 hour.


Step2: Duel with Jianghu Hermit. Beat him to get Enlightenment Gift Box, if failed, you can also get Persistence Gift Box.


Pack Name


Item Name


Bound or not

Enlightenment Gift Box

Bound to get

Huangxian Dew



Green Jade Internal Pill



Chance to get

Martial Arts Treasure Box


Bound,skill pages inside unbound

Jianghu Internal Skill Scroll Pack



Copy Fragment



Persistence Gift Box

Bound to get

Green Pill



Moon Internal Skill Pill




















Event 7: Weapon manual recycling

Event date:Runs from January 23, 0:00 — February 4th, 23:59

Event content:

During the event period, players can spend some taels on recycling their weapon manuals at Suzhou NPC Zhou Yixian.