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April Event

Event Name: Double Rewards for Daily and Weekly Events with the Factions and Reclusive School .

Event Time: Apr.11 –May.1 , 11:59 PM

*All times are in CST, server time

During the event, certain rewards for the Daily Events of the factions are doubled.

Factions include Palace of the Moving Flowers,Plum Blossom Island,Rootless Clan,Villa of Beasts ,Xu Family Manor,Gold Needle Shen Family

During the event, certain rewards for the Daily Events of the Reclusive School are doubled.

Reclusive School names and Events:



Quest Name

Blood Blade Clan

Summon of the Grindstone

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Two Chained Tasks

Blade Coffin

Blade Challenge (Easy/Hard)

Yang Xi's Awakening

Ancient Tomb Sect

Pair Cultivation (Internal Skill)

Hunt Sparrows

Secret Room Cultivation

Keep Bees and Make Honey

Single’s Trial

Nianluo Dam

Dancing skills practice

Dance Duel

Two Chained Tasks

Seven-color Maze

Changfeng Escort Agency

Purchasing Materials and Goods

Daily Drill

Skillful Wall Run

Bed and Meal Accommodation in the Middle of an Escort Quest


Mount Hua Sect

Huanhua Washing Sword

Romancing the Sword

Defeat Evil

Sword of Transformation

Sword of Hearts Platform

Sword Spirit Platform

Sword of Veneration Platform

Winter Light Sword Array

Divine Water Palace

Get Kindling

Get Fruit

Catch Fish

Buddhist Seminar

Trial through Fire and Ice

Chase the Monkey 

Five Immortals Sect

Patrol the Five Immortals Sect

Work in the terraced field

Daily Cultivation

Pit battle

Body Practice in Mountain Wind 


Dharma Sect


Gluttonous Disciple

Lost Beads

Concentrated Cultivation

Travelling Healer

Holy Fire



Sign In

Event Time :2:00-23:00 From 11th April to 29th April

Activity rules:

Staying online for at least 45 minutes during event time will receive a Dream Token (Limited 1 per day).

Bringing enough tokens to LinLiang to exchange for

Five-Realm Demon-Slaying Item Pack, Black Jade Powder,Reverse Meridian Pack and so on.

Meridian Pack Details:

Emei (1-180) Reverse Meridian Pack

Shaolin (1-180) Reverse Meridian Pack

Beggar's Sect(1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack

Royal Guard (1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack

Wudang(1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack

Scholars(1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack

Tangmen (1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack

Wanderer's Valley (1-216) Reverse Meridian Pack



1.Dream token expiration time is 30th April 0:00.

2.Switching scene map area or offline may result in reseting your event timer.