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April Event

Event Time: 4/18-4/21

Event Details:

During the event time, when a team challenges the certain forbidden instance, only when playersin the same guild in the teamreach a certain

amount, theneach of the players in the same guildcan get a Concerted Effort Challenge Gift Pack after passing the forbidden instance.

Concerted Effort Pack Content:

BaiXiaosheng's Weapon Manuals (superior)*2

Five-Realm Demon-Slaying Items*10

Snow Lotus Fruit*1

Opportunity to get Workbench Embroidered Box*1

Concerted Effort event requirements:

Adventures and corresponding guild member’s amount requirements

Peacock Villa "Shura"  Member amount ≥8

Longmen Inn"Shura"Member amount ≥16

Jinling Incident [Normal]Member amount ≥8

Yanmen Pass Villager's PathMember amount ≥12

Yanmen Pass Hero's PathMember amount ≥12

Yanmen Pass Defender's Path – hardMember amount ≥12

Yanmen Pass Defender's Path hellMember amount ≥12

Yanmen Pass Rebel RouteMember amount ≥12


The players which are within the same Guild need to be in the forbidden instance when they finish it

Each player can only get the reward once a day; the reward will be released by mail after reaching the activity requirement.

Concerted Effort Pack will be expired after 24 hours, please notice the time.

All the items in the Concerted Effort Pack are bounded except the Workbench Embroidered Box.

When you use the Snow Lotus Fruit, you can get50,000Cultivation Point.

Workbench Embroidered Box is unbound.