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Age of Wushu: Free to Play

  The epic Kung Fu MMO, Age of Wushu , is in the Final Stretch before launch on April 10th. We’ve announced new modes and features that will become unlocked on launch with more information and news to come. We are also very happy to remind all that Age of Wushu will remain a Free to Play title on April 10th.

  A lot of speculation and assumptions have floated around that the Age of Wushu pay model would not be F2P. All a player has to do in order to enjoy Age of Wushu, is register an account and download the game. Once in the game, players will one of the most open game experiences available. Collect, trade, earn favor in an intricate economy system that requires assistance throughout the entire profession community to make powerful equipment and items for their fellow players.

  Being Free to Play with such a player centered economy means the game will be more balanced because players helping players grow is the root of the experience. Snail Games is proud of the innovation set in player experiences from the original closed betas in China over two years ago to our April 10th North American Launch. 

  Age of Wushu is promoting the Wuxia culture through the entertainment and excitement of this vast MMO. Selling skills and clothes that players can associate with the culture the game is set in. These clothes that are sold in the Mall immerse the player visual, and do not enhance any stats or abilities. Likewise, ALL skills that may be sold in the mall at future dates will be low-level skills. Players still need to cultivate them as they would any other skill, but the benefit of these skills in PvP are not as great as cultivating a school skill or one learned through quests.

  Combat, locations, stories, and more are all available to players once they register for FREE. The experiences you create through our action based combat, the rush of running across water and leaping through the rooftops of cities, and the alliances you make in guilds and schools are all something that WILL be done without any premium plan or founders edition. Enjoy all of Age of Wushu on April 10th, or sign up and begin your journey in the Closed Beta today.