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May Event

1. Event Name: Rabbit Hunt

Event Time: May 8 – May15

Rabbit trade-in time: May 8 – May15

*All times are in CST, server time

Event Details:

During the event, speak with Bu Turen the Hunter to join. Rabbits are redeemable for prizes. Bu Turen the Hunter can be found in Suzhou (768, 673), Chengdu (565, 924), Yanjing (833, -37), Luoyang (1157, 897). He’s where you would expecting him: Roaming about in the fields!Bu Turen will give you an ordinary rabbit-catching net that has unlimited uses. Jackdaw Herb (x200) are redeemable for an advanced rabbit-catching net.White Rabbits and Golden Rabbits only appear after dusk.Golden Rabbit Fur can be used to trade for better prizes.

You can make the following deals with Bu Turen the Hunter:



Jackdaws Herb x200

Advanced Rabbit-Catching Net

Exquisite Rabbit Fur x2

Xuan Spirit Pill

40 Little White Rabbits

Bu Turen's Gift Box

Golden Rabbit Hair x2

Bu Turen's Gift I

Golden Rabbit Hair x10

Bu Turen's Gift II

Golden Rabbit Hair x20

Bu Turen's Gift III

Golden Rabbit Hair x40

Bu Turen's Gift IV

2. Event Name: Double Gain Event

Event Time: May 15 – May22

a. Double Spy Rewards

During the event period, Spy Missions will grant double rewards. Intel will also be easier to acquire.

b. Double Gain from Book Raiding

c. Double weapon manual event

During the event time, player can get double reward from Bounty Reward in explore jianghu.

d. Double gaining in Wander Together with Swords 


3. Event Name :All level up!

Event date: May22 – June12

*All times are in CST, Server Time.


Event content:

During the event period, the system can allow the players who have met the condition to upgrade instantly.




Disciples of the Eight Schools can learn corresponding Tier 4 internal skill and increase it to level 49, learn Tier 5 internal skill and increase its level cap to level 9, and learn Tier 1, 2, 3 internal skill and increase it to the required level to break through meridians and acupoints via Passing Internal Power from the Top at the School Instruction Administrator (once only).


Participation requirements:

1. Tier 3 school’s internal skill has reached level 30.

2. Tier 4 school’s internal skill has not reached level 49 yet.

3. You are not the Internal Skill Younger Brother.

4. You haven't betrayed the school during event period.

5. Note: If the original internal skill level is higher than level 49, it and its cap will remain unchanged


Disciples of the Eight Schools can choose to learn one school set to level 9 from 3 major sets or learn the 4th set to level 3.


Participation requirements:

Tier 5 school's inner skill has reached level 15.

You haven't betrayed the school during event period.