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Events of August 2019

Event 1:Elks make trouble in Jinling.

Event date: August 1 –August 14


*All times are in CST, Server Time.

Event Details:

A herd of Milu under the leadership of the Milu King managed to escape from Royal Rare Beast Zoo under the nose of a careless zookeeper. Players can get in on the hunt for the Milu still at large in the field. You’ll be rewarded with great awards for returning the herd of Milu. Bear in mind that you must not put the Milu King, the rarest of the rare, in any danger!


Event Instructions:

During the event (6 P.M., 8 P.M., 10 P.M. every day), the Milu King and his herd will randomly appear in scenes of the Jinling map. They will keep moving to avoid being caught. Catch the Milu and return them to the leader of the West Jinling Suburb Hunting Ground to redeem prizes.



Event 2: Double Event

Event date: August 7 –August21


a.Double Gain from Book Raiding

b. Double weapon manual event  

During the event time, player can get double challenge times in explore jianghu.

c. Double gaining in Wander Together with Swords