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New Items and Gold Rebate

Gold 20% Rebate

From 2nd Sept, to 8th Sept , every purchase for gold 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 will get a 20% rebate.

When the recharge is completed, players will receive the bonus gold by system.



New Items added to in-game shop

1,Lore Pink Blossom Robe.


Its Craftsmanship is slightly fine. Refer to this design to change the style of Jianghu costume. The Secret Tailors in each city can transform Equipment to change the style. When the equipment exchange drawing is placed in the backpack, right click to store it in the drawing archive. The drawing can then be used an unlimited number of times.



2,Cute Baby Brings Blessing & Cat Basket

Equipment Type: Back

98 Gold


3, Adding 99Skill sets to in-game shop

Mozi’s Sward

Crossed Soul Chasing Staff

Hu family Blade