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Events on Sept

1. Double Gain Event


Event date: Sep.11- Sep.18


a. Double Martial Practice

During the event period, players will find an extra 100 Silver Coin limit when using the Martial Practice feature.


b. Double Life Skill Gains

During the event period, all life skill gains are increased by 100%.

Note:  The daily maximum amount of Life Skill proficiency point gain remains unchanged.


c. Bonus Cultivation Time

During the event period, all group cultivation will receive a 20% bonus.


d. Double Spy Rewards

During the event period, Spy Missions will grant double rewards. Intel will also be easier to acquire.


2. Whole-Server Celebration

Event date: Sep.14- Sep.15 & Sep.21- Sep.22& Sep.28- Sep.29


To celebrate new version update, players staying online during event time will gain a 100% cultivation converting speed buff.



3.Battle the Bandits

Event Time: Sep. 18 –Sep. 25


Event Details:

Starting at 20:00 on event days, a lot of bandits will appear near Suzhou Maple Tree Forests (around 1340, 350), Relic of Wu Nation King Tomb (around 807, -90), Plum Blossom Island (around 1245, 836), Wind-bell Valley (around 181, 1256). The bandits constantly harass the common people out to worship their ancestors. The government has put generous bounty on each bandit for martial heroes to combat. Success in killing the bandits will warrant great rewards!


NPC Name

Drops and Loots

Xi Shanhu (Black Wind Stronghold Leader)

Raid dealt the highest damage to boss will receive the rewards. Player that last hit the boss will receive extra reward.  Stronghold Leader drops: Jianghu inner fragments,  Ancient fragments, Workshops, Copy Fragments.

Black Wind Stronghold Lieutenant

Raid dealt the highest damage to boss will receive the rewards. Stronghold Lieutenant drops: Jianghu inner fragments, Martial Arts Treasure Box

Black Wind Stronghold Minion

Stronghold Minion drops: Weapon manuals (Medium)