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Events update & Gold rebate cotinues

1.Event Name: Cultivate Often

Event date: October 9–October 23

During the event time, players can get Cultivate Often quest from Lin Liang, and get Expert Points, Leisure Points, Weapon Manuals (superior) and Hunyuan Tendon-changing Pill after completing quest.

During the event period, players complete the task of Daily Cultivate Often can get bonus rewards: Swording Roaring Green Cloud Gift Pack*1.

Tokens can be exchanged for the Reverse Meridian Pack, Universal Reputation Gift Pack, Pure Yang Sword, Snow Lotus Fruit, etc.


All items are bound..

1.Swording Roaring Green Cloud Gift Pack and Green Cloud Gift Pack will expire at October 31 0:00, please exchange ahead.

2.You can get 10000 cultivations after using Snow Lotus Fruit.

3.Player will get corresponding reputation of the faction/reclusive school which you are in when you open Universal Reputation Pack.

4. Players can open the Green Cloud Gift Pack to get a Pure Chi Pill. Also have a chance to get the High Level Flying Skill Book - Hundred Birds Flying from this pack!


Token needed


Reverse Meridian Pack


Jianghu VIP

Universal Reputation Gift Pack (500)


Jianghu VIP

Snow Lotus Fruit


Jianghu VIP

Pure Yang Sword *20


Jianghu VIP

Superior Weapon Manual *5


Jianghu VIP

Green Cloud Gift Pack


Jianghu VIP


2.Event Name: Weapon manual recycling

Event date: October 16 –October 30

 Event content:

During the event period , players can spend some taels on recycling their weapon manuals at Suzhou NPC Zhou Yixian.


3, Gold 20% Rebate

From 25th Sept, to 30th Sept, every purchase for gold 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 will get a 20% rebate.

When the recharge is completed, players will receive the bonus gold by system.