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April events update

Gold Rebate
Time: 1st 0:00 --  10th 23:59 April
Every purchase for gold 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 will get a 20% rebate.
When the recharge is completed, players will receive the bonus gold by system.
Events Update
Evil Men's Valley Tribute
Event Time: 4/6-4/7
Event Details:
On Ching Ming day, rain is drizzling everywhere and families are busy worshiping ancestors. None of the people remember the unmarked graves.
Players may head to Wulin Battlefield Guide (756, 376) to pick up quest and receive “Incense”. Then, proceed to Evil Men's Valley (701, 477) to pay tribute to fallen comrades:
Upon worshiping the past heroes, player becomes elated in spirit, receiving 100% boost in cultivation speed, 100% increase in experience conversion rate, and 100% extra chi acquisition rate. Effect last 1 hour.
Friendly Reminder:
Quest may be completed once per day and is only available to Jianghu VIP players.
Tasting Cool Food
Event Time: 4/4 after maintenance-4/10 24:00
Player may pick up a "Spring Package" from “Elder Brother” at Martial Schools each day. "Spring Package" can be opened after being online for 60 minutes.
" Cold Food Porridge " increases 30 stamina, " Plum Pie " increases 30 brawn, " Snake Surrounding Rabbit " increases 30 dexterity, " Swallow-Shaped Cake " increases 30 spirit, " Clear Spring Water " increase 30 breath, and all effects last 30 minutes.
Battle the Bandits
Event Time: 4/4-4/10
Starting at 22:00 on event days, a lot of bandits will appear near Suzhou Maple Tree Forests (around 1340, 350), Relic of Wu Nation King Tomb (around 807, -90), Plum Blossom Island (around 1245, 836), Windbell Valley (around 181, 1256). The bandits constantly harass the common people out to worship their ancestors. The government has put generous bounty on each bandit for martial heroes to combat. Success in killing the bandits will warrant great rewards!
Reward Drop Preview
Xi Shanhu (Black Wind Stronghold Leader)
Raid dealt the highest damage to boss will receive the rewards. Player that last hit the boss will receive extra reward.  Stronghold Leader drops: Jianghu inner fragments,  Ancient fragments, Workshops, Copy Fragments.
Black Wind Stronghold Lieutenant
Raid dealt the highest damage to boss will receive the rewards. Stronghold Lieutenant drops: Jianghu inner fragments, Martial Arts Treasure Box.
Black Wind Stronghold Minion
Stronghold Minion drops: Weapon manuals (Medium)
Ching Ming Festival Special Gift
Event Time: 4/4-4/7
Event Details:
During event time Jianghu VIP players can go to find Qian Fugui and get Special Gift.
Friendly Reminder:
1. Huangxian Dew can be gotten once per day during the event.
2. Forbidden Instance Order Token can be gotten only once.