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Event update & Silver Consumption

1,Whole-Server Celebration

From 00:00 12th to 23:59 18th Feb

Players staying online during event time will gain a 100% cultivation converting speed buff.


2,Double Gain

From 00:00 12th to 23:59 18th Feb

Double Spy Rewards
Double Life Skill Gains. All life skill gains are increased by 100%.
Double Martial Practice.players will find an extra 100 Silver Coin limit when using the Martial Practice feature.


3,Time12th 00:00 -- 16th 23:59 Feb  Server Time

During the event time, as long as you use taels to martial practice(except comprehending Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm), send hero invitation, revival, speak in world chat, repair equipment (include item bag), break eggs, use artifacts, change clothes appearance, turn over card for Heart of the Devil , Equipment Inscription, Equipment Metallurgy(Armor, weapon, jewelry), Roaming the World spending, reset attributes of gold and jade equipment(include weapon and Bracer), Treasure's Attribute reformation service though Slow-Burning Platform, Treasure Reworking, and Jade Doll Refinement, you can get the following rewards:

1 Ding

Rare Jewels and Precious Stones *10,

3 Ding

Cultivation*8 million, Copy Fragment*1, Change Way Pack*1

10 Ding

Cultivation*12 million, Copy Fragment*3

20 Ding

Cultivation*14 million, Copy Fragment*6

40 Ding

Cultivation*20 million, Copy Fragment*12

Player can totally get 10 Rare Jewels and Precious Stones, 22 Copy Fragments, 54 million cultivations, 1 change of ways pack


l  The ways spending taels can take part in the event are all listed;

l  Cultivations, Rare Jewels and Precious Stones, change of ways pack are bound.

l  The rewards will be sent in 7 workdays after event ends.