How to use Cultivation?

There are three methods to upgrade your skills through Cultivation. To access these option click the sitting man icon on top of your HP bar.


1. Internal Cultivation: After opening the Cultivation menu select the first box then select the skill you wish to cultivate. Confirm your selection and exit the menu. This allows you to cultivate that skill while doing other tasks. Internal Cultivation automatically stops when the selected skill reaches the next level. If you wish to cultivate that skill further you may start the process again, or select another skill to cultivate.



2. Practice Martial Art: This is the easiest method to cultivate your skills. From the Cultivation menu, click Practice Martial Arts then select one of the three buttons below to cultivate your skill. Each button corresponds to a certain amount of money. You may use either Taels or Coins to Cultivate. Make sure to check which currency you use when you cultivate.



3. Team Practice: This method of Cultivation requires multiple players working together, up to 10. From the Cultivation Menu, click Team Practice to start the process. From here, you must play a mini-game with a team to cultivate a skill. You also may join other teams doing a Team Practice. The more people cultivating together, the faster your skills will cultivate.