Experience five new regions in a vast new world

From snowy peaks where few dare to set foot, to vast grasslands where cattle roam freely, to sun-scorched deserts and forests of stone. Feast your eyes in a game world that has more than doubled in size.
Pick up a mount and begin your journey.

Dual-World Gameplay -
Original Content and New World

Obrave new world, with such people in it!
Dual-world gameplay features new, advanced martial arts, secret areas, looting dead players, fighting for resources, traps and flags, wilderness campfires, and more! Survive the harsh elements, and choose your own destiny!

Despair turns to hope. Discover treasure and drama in the secret areas.

Six New Adventures. Unique Exploration Gameplay.
Northern Plains: Nameless Cave, Divine Water Palace, Ancient Tomb. Western Regions: Stone Forest Cave, Gold Centipede Cave, Loulan Treasury Find treasure and solve an ancient mystery.
Your adventure has many possible outcomes. What happens is all up to you.

Ancient Tomb

Popularity:★★★★ Guardians:Ancient Tomb Sect Maid, Disciple, Li Yanshuang, Yang Chirui

In a remote, wintry refuge of Snowy Valley, the heat of passion leads to death and calamity. Lu Wuming, loved by both Yang Chirui and her disciple Li Yanshuang, is found slain at the entrance of the Ancient Tomb. Solve the mystery, or the Ancient Tomb may well live up to its name for you...but beware, your fate can change with every decision you make.

Divine Water Palace

Popularity:★★★★☆ Guardians:Divine Water Palace Disciple, Divine Water Palace Expert, Shui Ji

Secluded above the heights of Snowy Mountain, the Divine Water Palace is where one hides, and rediscovers, dark secrets from a distant memory. Learn why Lord Qin, Tian Xi, Kong Ming and others are drawn to this beautiful yet dangerous place.

Nameless Cave

Popularity:★★★☆ Guardians:Puppets

They called him the Pervert, with good reason. In a cave with no name, the lecherous villain hides from the law with his legion of animated puppets. Why has the fugitive Tian Xi come to this place, well aware of its peril?

Gold Centipede Cave

Popularity:★★★ Guardians:Poisonous Insect, Youming Palace Disciple, Youming Palace Dharmapala, Bai Feifei

In this cave, deep in the vast desert of the Western Regions, Bai Feifei bides her time to seek vengeance against Lei Xingkong, lord of the Desert Ghost Town. Here, you may uncover the secret of a legendary medicine known as the Thousand-Year Flesh Buddha.

Loulan Treasury

Popularity:★★★★★ Guardians:Armored Automaton, Automaton, Copper Golem, Kirin

The fabulous Loulan Treasury has long been the stuff of legends. Rumors of its discovery have drawn a motley crew of factions from every corner the empire. To find it, and to survive the uncanny traps that have protected it over the ages, you must befriend the other factions. Will you side with forces of good, evil, or somewhere in between? The choice is yours!

Stone Forest Cave

Popularity:★★★☆ Guardians:Male Slave, Servant in White, Shi Guanyin

Love isn't easy, certainly not between Lei Xingkong, the powerful and ambitious lord of the Desert Ghost Town, and Shi Guanyin, the devious, agelessly-beautiful mistress of Stone Forest Cave. Now that they both covet the legendary jewels known as the Desert Stars, let the drama unfold!

nexus between the original content of Age of Wushu and its vast new world.
Choose the style, size, and furnishings of your home.
Owning a home will unlock new gameplay options and in-game benefits.


Your home serves as a nexus, bridging the original content of Age of Wushu and a vast new world. With a resourceful domestic staff and optimal Feng Shui from your furnishing, you can be better prepared for the adventures ahead.



At your home, function mode and placement mode are available to improve your home via expansion and furniture arrangement. In function mode, players can view home attribute, visit furniture store, make furniture, hire servants, and leave. In placement mode, players can view and place furniture.


New regional weapons and skills are available now

New regional weapons and skills are available in the new world, matching even the ultimate ancient manuals from the original content. Do not miss them! Claim yours now, before others do!

Cross-server School War will be available in all servers

Large battlefield, rich rewards. What are you waiting for?
Join the fight!
Fight for honor, glory and riches! More>>