Blood blade

New Faction • Blood Blade Clan

Blood Blade Clan

Millennia ago, Chi You founded the Blood Blade Clan, teaching his disciples the necromancer’s art of blood cultivation. During the Song Dynasty, a Blood Blade disciple of exceptional skill won the favor of General Yue Fei, and became his chief executioner, to the ire of his rivals in the imperial court. When the general died, the executioner – now known as Blood Demon Cao – fled persecution by bringing his disciples to the Western Regions, where they had settled hence.

Allied School:Royal Guards

Although exiled from imperial power, the Blood Blade Clan maintains clandestine ties with the Royal Guards, colluding with them for their nefarious plans. Blood Blade Clan disciples are thus encouraged to practice Royal Guard skills, and vice versa.

Current Clan Leader: Blood Blade Elder

The Blood Blade Elder, current leader of the Blood Blade Clan, is a martial arts master with no administrative talents whatsoever, delegating his authority to his unruly cabal of necromancers. This oversight has led to much discord within the faction…but here, chaos has always been a way of life.

Entrance to the Faction:Ruined Valley

Ruined Valley is a much more thriving communitythan its name may suggest, though still a very forbidding place. Now that the Blood Blade Clan has resurfaced, the valley may indeed revert to a state of ruin.

How to Join

Royal Guards Disciples: Acceptthe task and get a Recommendation Letter from Huangfu Yao. Complete the Blood Blade Clan test to join the Faction. Others: Obtain information regarding the Blood Blade Clan from the mysterious person outside the City Gate of Suzhou. Random Encounter: You may also be recommended to join the Blood Blade Clan via Random Encounter.