Dual Flying Skills - Light Cloud Step

For disciples who love dual cultivation, we present a Dual Flying Skill - Light Cloud Step


1. Available for all Ancient Tomb Sect disciples.
2. Disciples who leave the Ancient Tomb Sect will lose this skill.


1. The selected teammate stays within 3 meters. 2. The selected teammate is not in a special state. Example: Opening a divination stall or Repenting.

How to use the skill:

Cost: 15 Flying Skill Points
Cooldown: 5 seconds
1. Select the target and press Flying Skill Button 3. Liftthe target and enter Light Cloud Step. Light Cloud Step will end if the Flying Skill is not used within 3 seconds.
2. Use it the same way as other Flying Skills. Learn Dual Flying Skills before using or only the Solo Flying Skill will be used.

Skill Effects:

Light Cloud Step
Liftthe teammate and enter Light Cloud Step.
Skyward Feint Step
Fly up with your teammate using Energy.
Whirlwind Step
Twirl up into the sky with your teammate using all your available Energy.
Jump Across the Cloud
Charge and fly into the air. Like two swallows skimming in the sky.