The famous Master Ling Yunyu wore this coat while competing against Xu Miaozhen at Ice Lake in Lingxiao City. It is crafted from the finest Tianshan snow ferret fur, woven with gold and silver silk, and accented with beautiful pearls. This garment is worn by true Wushu masters!


Cover Head - Cover your head to shield yourself from the elements and hide your identity.
Uncover Head - Remove your hood to feel the calm winds and show your true self.
The Crimson Brocade Fur Coat is a unique clothing item can be worn either with the hood on or off.

Purchase Includes:

- Use Crimson Brocade Fur Coat Fireworks to gain a Crimson Brocade Fur Coat Gift Box that contains 1 Lore Card.
- Purchase this lore and be rewarded with 20 Christmas Stockings.

Validity Period: Permanent