Introduction to Lore Card Items

Purchasing the Lore Firework Bundle will grant the purchaser a number of "Lore Card" items based on the size of the purchased package. By right clicking a "Lore Card" players will have a chance to receive one of the following rewards at random: Legendary Scenery Records Exchanging Certificate, Two Star Lore Item Card, One Star Lore Scratch Card, 1 Qing Yuan Pill (2000 Cultivation).

Legendary Scenery Records Exchanging Certificate can be used to exchange for Three Star Lore Item Cards at the exchange NPC in all major cities. The exchange NPC can be found at Yanjing(328,92), Chengdu(749,673),Suzhou(486,366), Luoyang(1090,666),Jinling(1206,1016).

One Star Lore Scratch Cards can be used by right clicking directly on the item. By doing so, you will receive a One Star Lore Item Card at random.

All learned Lore Items can be accessed by pressing "G" in game and selecting "Lore" from the category selection interface located on the upper left hand side of the menu.

  • True Wuxia Scabbard
  • Songyang Iron Scabbard
  • Darksteel Gem Umbrella Cover
  • Nine Ring Ghost's Head Large Scabbard
  • Pear Silver Staff Sheath
  • Fire Dragon Staff Scabbard
  • Jadeite Xiao Sheath
  • Damascus Iron Judge's Brush Sheath
  • Gold Staff Scabbard
  • Nunki Staff Scabbard
  • Blood Scabbard
  • Autumn Fish Scabbard
  • Green Bamboo Scabbard
  • Lovebirds Duel Scabbard
  • Tiger-Slaying Scabbard
  • Crescent Staff Scabbard
  • Green Bamboo Staff Sheath
  • Unbeatable Hook Sheath
  • Rose Scabbard
  • Wandering Soul Dagger Sheath
  • Crescent Silver Hook Sheath
  • Lovebirds Burtterfly Scabbard
  • Water-Splitting Flying Fish Dagger Sheath
  • Yin Yang Scabbard
  • Greenwave Fragrant Scabbard
True Wuxia Scabbard
True Martial Scabbard - Legendary Sword - The sword sheathed within this scabbard once belonged to Zhang Sanfeng, founder of the Wudang School. He wielded it during his many righteous deeds, then lay hands on it no more, relegating it as a museum display. (This is wielded as a single-handed sword.)
  • Gold Staff Scabbard
Cloud Bear Bile Pill
Cloud Bear Bile Pill - Medicine - This pill is very effective. After taking it, the patient will sleep for half a day, but then awake refreshed and cured.