Special Price:219Gold

Item Name

Lore outfit featuring flowing satin and beautiful Tattoo art

Cloud fireworks

Special Price


Origin Story:

It is said that this garment was made by a famous tailor from theJing Dynasty.This inspiration was drawn from the beauty of the goddess Luoshen. Lost for many years, it was discovered in an ancient tomb. Studded in priceless jewels, this garment captures the essence of the clouds…


Use the small Flowing Clouds Fireworks to receive Love of the Flowing Clouds smallgift box and 1 headwear design. After using the lore card, equip the lore card through the “My Lore” interface (Press "G" in game). Once equipped, a special action bar will appear on your UI allowing male characters to perform the "Flying Dragon" technique, while female character may perform the "Charmed Butterfly."



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