Talk to Qian Fugui-The Ritual Master of The Great Ming and receive the tasks:
Fight the World with Jet Li (Normal)
Fight the World with Jet Li (Hard)
Look for treasure boxes across the land containing special tokens. These chests are Wooden, Silver-Plated, Jade, etc. AND are located all across the game. These chests will also have other useful items for players.

Players also can get these items from other Boxes.

Collect the 'three limited coins' three items to complete the normal mode of “ Fight the world with Jet Li” task , and get the “Heavenly Origin Soul Pill *1” as a reward afterwards.

Collect the 'four limited coins' four items to complete the hard mode of “Fight the world with Jet Li” task, and get one “fight the world package rewards”, including “Heavenly Origin Soul Pill *5”,”Large Ruyi Pill *5”,”Horse Fanyu(30days to expire)”, “School Honor Certificate *20”, certain chances to get the “Demon soul chasing blade ruined book”, “Crue Seven Skills ruined book”、”Snow through Cloud Plam ruined book”.