Perks being Jianghu VIP
  • 01   Better Cultivation Rates
    Allows you full access and better conversion rates for all your cultivation points.
  • 02   Offline Stalls and Cultivation
    Allows you to open a professions stall and cultivate your skills offline. Your character never truly goes 'offline'.
  • 03   More Warehouse Spaces
    warehouse space, up from 18 to 36.
  • 04   More Booth Spaces
    Increased booth space for your stalls allows for more sales.
  • 05   Musician Attacks
    When you use Musical attacks you only need to play the first part of the song, the game will take care of the rest for you.
  • 06   Divination
    Allows you to divinate and make fortunes for other players.
  • 07   Access to Exclusive Equipment
    Change the look of your character with vanity clothing and accessories only available to Jianghu Elite members.
  • 08   Special Adventure Rewards
    Gain access to bonus rewards from random encounters.
  • 09   Queue Priority
    Gain access to the green portal and gain priority in the log-in queue.
  • 10   Experience Placement
    The experience you get will be transffered to 5 different experiences and always have the fastest transffering rate.
  • 11   Special Tasks and Events
    Gain access to bonus tasks and events.
  • 12   Carry More Money
    Carry up to 10 Ding of Coins (8 for non-VIP), and 1000 Ding of Tael (30 for non-VIP).
  • 13   Special Chat Room
    Enjoy a special VIP only chat room.
  • 14   Change Outfit
    Switch between equipment with the press of a button.
  • 15   Team Cultivation Bonus
    Increases team cultivation by 25%.
  • 16   Gather Bonus
    Enhance success rate of gathering.
  • 17   School Raid Bonus
    Increased chance of acquiring skills pages and Inner Skills during school raid events.