The Silver Hook is available when your Power level has reached tier 4 internal skill at level 40 or above.
Once available, VIP players that have met the power level requirement will be mailed the task item "Hell's Judgment". After completing the task,
the player will receive aSilver Hook Token, which grants access to“The Silver Hook”.
Exchange using Expert Points
Power level has reached tier 4 internal skill at level 40 or above.
Players whose power level has met the requirements can exchange Expert Points for the Silver Treasure Chest. Open it toreceive the Silver Hook Token, 
whichgrants access to ‘The Silver Hook’.
Speak with Ai Fengliu (Yanyu Villa 412,771) to enter Delightful Island. Upon entering Delightful Island, someone at the Delightful Spring will put a mask on the player.
Each week a limited amount of access is available for The Silver Hook. Each time you complete a run of this instance you will receive a Forbidden Instance Order Token. This token grants you a single usage free access to The Silver Hook.
Complete The Silver Hook
Your power level has reached tier 3 internal skill at level 30 or above.
Available Time(s): 10:00-14:00, 18:00-24:00
Must have the Delightful Island Gold Token, Delightful Island Silver Token or the Happiness and Longevity item.
Speak with Ai Fengliu (Yanyu Villa 412,771) to enter Delightful Island. Upon entering Delightful Island, someone at the Delightful Spring willput a mask on the player.
The Delightful Island Gold Token or Delightful Island Silver Token must be in your backpack; elseyou will be teleportedout of the scene.
Happiness and Longevity is an item consumed over time. Once this item is fully consumed, player will be teleported out.
Delightful Island is available twice each day: 10:00-14:00, 18:00-24:00.(10 hours in total)
Ghost Shadow Sword
(Ancient Manual Skill)
Eight Skills from a Well
Exquisite Dice
(Hidden Weapon Set)
Skill Name Effect
Fragrant Shadow Deals Yin Damage and will disable your target’s flying skills for 2 seconds. Will also apply “Ghost Shadow” to your target.
Restrained Shadow Deals Yin Damage with each blow. The technique ends with a dodge move that activates “Ghost Shadow” on your target.
Inseparable Shadow Transform into a Ghost and avoid external skill damage.
Serpentine Shadow Knocks down nearby enemies.
Scared Shadow Successful parry will slow targets and disable flying skills.
Demonic Shadow Deals Yin Damage and will disable your target’s flying skills.
Cleaved Shadow High Yin damage with ghostly flying attacks
Invisible Shadow Causes you to vanish and adds damage reduction for 4 seconds.
Skill Name Effect
No Attack Deals external skill damage while reducing incoming attack damage.
Surprise Attack Deals high external skill damage. Critical hits have a greater chance of landing if target has “No Attack” applied.
Decisive Battle A 4-hit combo that causes confusion and extra damage if target has “No Attack” applied.
Strategy Attacker loses ability to use skills for 2 seconds if attacked while “Strategy” is applied.
Speed Fight Increases damage and movement speed. The player will have decreased damage and movement speed for a short time after.
Chess Game Causes external skill damage and disables target’s parry.
Diversion Chance to disable enemy skills and perform a counter attack.
Radius Knocks back close enemies. Enemies caught in the aura field will be stunned and take high damage.
Skill Name Effect
Earth Tiger Deals external skill damage. If the player rolls an odd number, the attack has a chance to paralyzethe target.
Wooden Bench If the player rolls an even number,the attack has a chance to stun the target,after breaking your target’s defense.
Long Strike Deals external skill damage. If the player rolls alow number, the attack will disable skills and flying skills. If the player rolls a high number,the attack will decrease accuracy and movement speed of the target.
Benefactor With a random throw of the dice, a number will be automatically given every 5 seconds (the number will persist for 5 seconds). This status will remain for 30 seconds.
Plum Blossom Attack knocks back target. If a multiple of 5 is rolled, damage is increased.
King of the Heavens 6-hit combo that deals external skill damage. Attacks have a chance to hit other targets. Casaced attack effect is tied to the number rolled.