New VIP Status System

1. VIP players will now be able to earn 50 extra Liang of Coins per day. This bonus is not limited by other events. For example, the daily limit for Practicing Martial Arts is 50*2+50=150 Liang.
2. The daily max for Silver Coins has been increased from 360 Liang to 410 Liang (30 days)
3. The daily cap for Chi has been increased by 30% (30 days), so VIP player can cultivate meridians faster than everyone else.


1. Players who have been Jianghu VIP members for more than 30 days will receive a special discount for 30 days to enjoy the brand new content. This is only applicable to current Jianghu VIP members. Players with more than 3 months of VIP time remaining will be able to purchase 3 extra months at the same discount.)
2. Purchase both the Jianghu VIP and Upgrade for 30 days for a discounted price! (All users)
3. Players with less than 30 days of Jianghu VIP cannot Upgrade.

Jianghu VIP can now be purchased within the game!