The Astonishing Goose Blade Technique

With the release of the Mount Hua Competition expansion, guilds will be able to challenge the Yanmen Pass instance, and be the first to lay claim to the powerful Jin Hong Blade technique.

Supreme Soul-Strike (Overt, Soft Attribute)
Energy Consumption:16
Damages the target, and activates the “Peerlessness” buff. This effect can be stacked. With six stacks, this technique knocks the enemy back.

Furious Whirlwind (Overt, Soft Attribute)
Cooldown: 10s
Energy Consumption:16
Sprint at the enemy from up to 10m away and attack. Ground targets will be knocked back.

A Thousand Weights Fall to the Earth (Overt, Soft Attribute)
Energy Consumption:16
Jump high into the air and come crashing down, dealing damage to nearby targets and stunning them.

Destroy the Heart (Overt, Soft)
Energy Consumption:16
Distance:3 Meters
Sprint or fly at the target, slashing them and adding a poison debuff. When this debuff reaches 15 stacks or above, a Poison Explosion will occur every 3 stacks, dealing additional damage to the target.

Move Like a Shadow (Feint, Soft Attribute)
Energy Consumption:16
Damage the target. Breaking their parries inflicts the Pursuing and Attack debuff, inflicting continuous damage on them and decreasing their skill damage by 3%. This skill can be stacked up to 3 times.

Cold Fury (Parry, Soft Attribute)
Energy Consumption:8
Each successful parry has a chance to reflect part of the damage received

Protect the Flowers (Chi, Soft Attribute)
Cooldown: 30s
Energy Consumption:18
Creates a barrier and absorbs a certain amount of damage. The user will enter a “Furious” state if the barrier stands after a certain amount of damage: Increasing all attack damage from the “Jin Hong Blade” by 50%, decreasing Defense by 100%.

Raging Storm of Blades (Rage, Soft Attribute)
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Internal Force Consumption:50
Spin your blades, dealing continuous damage to all nearby targets.