Mentors and Apprentices

In the Mount Hua Competition expansion, you will be able to take on other players as Apprentices, and help them grow into master warriors!

To gain Apprentices, you must be strong enough to protect them.

Second-Tier Internal Skills at Level 36: Second-Tier Mentor.
Third-Tier Internal Skills at Level 36: Third-Tier Mentor.

Apprentices below the "Spiritually Balanced" level qualify for a Second-Tier Mentor.
Apprentice below the "Experts of Self" level qualify for a Third-Tier Mentor.

You can only take on two Apprentices a month, so protect them!

Apprentices reap amazing benefits: they can IMMEDIATELY begin School Internal Skill Tasks and get the mentor’s Internal Skill (Novice Chapter) Level 1 to 9, regardless of internal skill level or reputation.

In addition, while Mentors are online, Apprentices cultivate much quicker, and when their Internal Skills reach a certain amount, both Mentor and Apprentice get a reward. When the Apprentice's Internal Skills reach Level 30, they can leave the Apprenticeship, granting further rewards to both parties, including an instant upgrade of the Apprentice's School Internal Skills to the level required to activate meridians.

The relationship doesn't end there. If these old allies join Team Practices, or challenge Forbidden Instances or Factions together, they will gain additional benefits.

And that's not all. Mentor and Student can summon or teleport to each other a set amount of times per day.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the new Mentor and Apprentice system to begin a lifelong adventure in the Age of Wushu!