The Flowing Cloud Sword - A Twin Swords Skill

The Youyun Sixteen Prefecture Faction Battle is one of the major focus points within the Mount Hua Competition Expansion. Win the battle by killing the leader of the enemy faction: General Tiemuer(Mongol) or General Guo Liang (Ming Dynasty). Players can also aid their allies by escorting fodder and capturing strongholds. As a reward, players will receive well-earned rewards, including the “Sixteen Prefectures Experience Certificate".

This unique item can be exchanged for a rare twin swords skill – The Flowing Cloud Sword technique.

The Sixteen Prefectures Experience Certificate

Flowing Cloud Sword Exchange Interface

Flowing Water and Clouds (Overt)
Energy Consumption:16
Slash at the target, inflicting damage.

Run Like Thunder and Billow Like Cloud (Overt)
Energy Consumption:16
Attack the target, inflicting the “Run Like Thunder and Billow Like Cloud” state, which increases damage taken from “The Flowing Cloud Sword” by 15%.

Broken Rain and Remnant Cloud (Overt)
Energy Consumption:16
Attack the enemies in front, paralyzing them for 3 seconds, and inflicting the “Broken Rain and Remnant Cloud” state.

Sea of Wondering Clouds (Feint)
Energy Consumption:16
Upon breaking the enemy’s parry, disable the enemy’s Flying Skill for a longer period of time.

Tailor the Moon and Carve the Cloud (Parry)
Energy Consumption:8
Upon a successful parry, the attacker is damaged and slowed by 30%.

Annihilation (Chi)
Energy Consumption:50
Damage all enemies around you and knock them into the air.

Clouds Come Up From Dragon (Overt)
Energy Consumption:16
Range: 20m
Inflict damage to enemies in the target area. Enemies afflicted by “Broken Rain and Remnant Cloud” state will be knocked into the air.