The Youyun Sixteen Prefectures

Travel in disguise and reclaim lost territory in the Youyun Sixteen Prefectures!

The Mongolion Army gathers in this exciting new territory. Will you join the Ming and protect your homeland? Or will you become a mercenary for the Mongolians, and help them restore the glorious Yuan Dynsasty?

Play a pivotal role in a great battle. Escort crucial supplies, battle for strongholds, and behead enemy generals. Your actions will change history!

Gain rewards for killing players from the opposing faction, and complete battleground tasks to add auras to your troops and strengthen your army's siege weapons! Participating in the battle rewards players with an item that can be exchanged for a secret technique: The Flowing Cloud Sword!

Yanmen Pass (Instance)
Experience three epic storylines in the Battle for Yanmen Pass. Play the part of a villager setting traps, a rogue adventurer racing through enemy lines, and even a ranking Ming officer as you fight to protect your homeland from invaders!

More storylines will be added in the future, and will only be accessible to players with a certain Morality.

Treasure Hunting
Explore the new land, and search for legendary treasures and artifacts. These new items can improve stats and boost meridians to amazing levels!

The Mount Hua Competition is coming, with tons of new gameplay and areas to explore. Are you ready?