Hello Adventurers!

Excited for the launch of the new Silver Viper server? So are we! Join us in our Silver Viper Early Bird event!
Here is a chance to sign up for a reward package to help you get started on the new server!
Starting Wednesday April 30, at 00:00 AM (CDT) all aspiring adventurers of the Ming Dynasty can visit the event page and click “Check In Here” to sign up for a reward package.
Pack includes:
Medium equipment box (14 days) *1
Medium item bag (14 days) *1
Medium material collection box (14 days) *1
Medium special item box (14 days) *1
Tianyuan Soul Gathering Pill *5
This event ends Tuesday, May 6 at 12:00 PM (CDT).

Silver Viper and the Tempest of Strife expansion will officially launch on Wednesday, May 7.
Players also can check-in each day starting Thursday, May 1 00:00 AM (CDT) through Tuesday, May 6 at 12:00 PM (CDT) to receive more rewards.
DAY1:Snow Lotus Pill*5
DAY2: Zichen Pill*5
DAY3:Mountain Tianshan Snow Lotus*1
DAY4:Lingyuna revival Pill*2
DAY5:Jinyuan Revival Pills*1
DAY6:Rare Jewels and Precious Stones*1
*All rewards will be sent within 3 business days*