After purchasing, the player will receive the Heavenly Dance Small Gift Box. After opening it, the player will receive one Heavenly Dance Gift Box (Bound) and a Mystical Ice and Flame Wine (Bound). After opening the gift box, the player will receive level 1-3 Heavenly Dance (Unbound). Note: This skill has Tai Chi attributes by default, but you can use Mystical Ice and Flame Wine to change the attributes.

1The purchasable scripts are level 1-3. Scripts level 4-6 can be obtained through Faction Challenges.

2You can check Missions - Factions – Skill Collection to see where they are dropped in the game.

3Level 4-6 skills are available on servers that have Tier 3 Internal Skills unlocked.

4For level 7-8 skills, players can acquire them by visiting the Jianghu Herbalist when the event for Tier 4 Internal Skills “Soul Smashed Ninefold” is completed.

Weapon Attribute
Damage Addition Damage Attribute
Double Dagger Taichi
Brawn & Breath Eternal Damage

Skill Effect
Skill Details