Heart of the Devil Random Encounter

Players may trigger Heart of the Devil Random Encounter whilegathering materials, doing daily quests or other non-specific activities.

Conditions for Triggering the Heart of the Devil Random Encounter

  1. This event is triggered only once per day.
  2. VIP only: This event cannot be triggered by those who are under beginner’s protection, already participating in other activities, or non-VIP players.  

Inviting Other Players

  1. A player who has triggered the Random Encounter may invite up to 2 other players to participate in the event together as a team.
  2. A player may only invite his or her friends to participate.
  3. A player who has not triggered his or her own random encounter may accept up to two invitations per day.

Combat Procedure

  1. To activate combat, the player for whom the event is triggered enters the instance, then interacts with the NPC to select whether to invite his or her friends, and whether to boost his/her own abilities for a single-player challenge. It costs taels of silver to receive this boost.

  1. After a 10-second countdown, the boss and his clones appear, with their numbers matching the number of players in the team. If the player(s) does not kill all of the bosses within 10 minutes, he or she will fail the challenge, and the instance will be reset.

  1. Repeated Encounters: When the player(s) successfully completes the challenge by killing all bosses, the team has a chance to repeat the same challenge up to two more times. Each repeated chance must be purchased withtaels of silver.


  1. Normal rewards: Regular treasure, annotated scripts, herbs and other items.
  2. Special reward: 4 cards, each representing a random item when flipped, appear facing down. First card may be flipped over for free, while it costs taels to flip over each of the remaining cards.