Marriage System

Getting Married

  1. Single player seeking marriage (male or female) can register at the Matchmaker.
  2. Two lovers (male and female) can register for marriage at the Matchmaker (The male proposes, and the female accepts or rejects).
  3. Both lovers must be VIPs.
  4. Select wedding date and wedding plan.
  5. Send invitations to friends to attend wedding.
  6. Wedding Day Activities: Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Procession, Banquet, and MatrimonialChamber.

Single Player Seeking Marriage: This method is designed for single players to find a suitable spouse quickly.

The Matchmaker is responsible for administrating marriage. All wedding events take place in Jinling.

Marriage Registry (single players seeking marriage)

  1. Upon paying a registration fee in taels, players will be listed on the registry in the order of their registration.
  2. All names are listed for two days. If the player is not married by then, his or her name is removed from the registry.
  3. When a player marries, his or name name is immediately removed from the registry.
    A married player cannot check the registry interfaceto seek marriage.

 Marriage Proposal (Male)
 In the marriage registration interface, the male player enters the name of the female player he wishes to marriage, and the cost of wedding to the Matchmaker.

Conditions for Marriage Proposal:

  1. The proposing player must be male. His intended spouse must be female, and both players must be unmarried.
    If the proposing player is a disciple of Shaolin, he cannot get married until he earns the title Shaolin Secular Disciple.
  2. Affinityvalue between the two players reaches 2,000 (Click My Jianghu, Relationship, Friend List. Then move mouse to the heart of friend to check value.)
  3. Proposing player must have sufficient funds to host the wedding. This cost is stipulated by the players.

Accepting Marriage Proposal (Female)

  1. The female player may only select one target to accept his proposal. Once this is done, all other suitors are rejected.
  2. The female player can select multiple targets to reject their proposal. Other suitors will not receive a response at this point.       
  3. If a female player does not respond to a proposal within 3 days, the proposal is cancelled.

Planning the Wedding

Upon acceptance of marriage proposal, the male player must select the date and plan for wedding. Once the plan is set, it cannot be altered.

 There are four wedding plan options, in ascending levels of luxury. Only the male player may purchase each plan.


Wedding Plans


Luxury Level


Wedding Gowns

Groom’s Procession Carriage

Bride’s Procession Carriage



Heart to Heart (no banquet


399 Liang

Basic Gown x 1 (permanent)





Forever Together


1 Ding 999 Liang

Basic Gown x 1 (permanent)

Brown Horse

4-Men Sedan  Chair



Together As One


6 Ding 999 Liang

Beginner’s Gown x 1 (permanent), Intermediate Gown x 1 (3 days)

Black Horse

12-Men Sedan Chair



Respectful Gift


9 Ding 999 Liang

Beginner’s Gown x 1 (permanent), Intermediate Gown (3 days), Advanced Gown (3 days)

White Horse

28-Men Palanquin



Hint: The“Heart to Heart” optiondoes not include a banquet.

Confirming the Wedding Plan

  1. The game will send wedding ring to both players. The item will be put in inventory. Players can use it to teleport to their betrothed immediately.
  2. The game also sends both players invitations to be forwarded to their wedding guests. These invitations are also vouchers to access the matrimonial chamber.       
  3. Both bride and groomreceive unique titles as a couple.   

The Wedding Procession

When it is time to commence the festivities, the bride and groom report to the Matchmaker to start the wedding procession, which brings them to the banquet.


  1. The couple must be ready in advance to avoid delaying the wedding procession.
  2. To save time, the wedding procession can be manually toggled after the wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Banquet

When the procession arrives at the banquet hall, the groom can select the quantity of tables to entertain his guests.


During the wedding, the bride and groom can receive blessing from other players. They can collect them in exchange for lover’s costumes, mounts and other items in Qingyuan House.

Cheering the Newlyweds in the Matrimonial Chamber

  1. When the banquet is concluded, bride and groom may enter the matrimonial chamber, along with their guests.
  2. The appearance of the matrimonial chamber will vary according to the luxury level of the wedding plan.
  3. In the matrimonial chamber, guests may select activities for the newlyweds to perform. Upon completion of these activities, if the Cheering Point reaches a certain value, all players present can receive a buff, a Wedding Box and a chance to learn the martial arts skills of the respective Schools of the bride and groom.
  4. When the cheering ends, if the Cheering Point reaches 1,314, the bride and groom can receive the Seductive State Sword Embroidered Box. This bonus is NOT available for the “Heaert to Heart” wedding plan.

Benefits of Marriage

  1. Married Couple Skill: Seductive Stare Sword
  2. Married Couple Arrays: Forever With One Heart Array, Together as One Array, Respectful Array
  3. Tax-Exempt Trading: Depending on the luxury level of their wedding, a married couple who trade with each other up to a certain extent will no longer have to pay taxes for their sales and purchases.
  4. Married Couple Items: Married players can exchange the blessings they receive for exchange for lover’s costumes, mounts and other items.
  5. Married Couple Titles: When a couple meet certain conditions, they can receive exclusive titles and benefits.

* Wedding for Shaolin Disciple
Because the Shaolin is an all-male Buddhist monastic order, it places certain restrictions and conditions for its disciples to marry.

  1. A married player who has not yet joined the School can no longer join the Shaolin, so long as he remains married.
  2. A Shaolin player who wishes to marry must earn the “Shaolin Secular Disciple” title. To earn this title, use the Soap Powder, which is purchased from the Shaolin Abbot.  
  3. Hint: Once a player becomes a “Shaolin Secular Disciple”, he can no longer participate in the School Tournament in Shaolin.

When married players wish to end their marriage, they can find the Matchmaker to select Amicable DivorceorForced Divorce.

Amicable Divorce

  1. The couple form a team. The husband then files for divorce at the Matchmaker, after which the couple wait for 2 to 7 days to confirm the divorce. If either player fails to confirm, the divorce is cancelled.
  2. As soon as either the husband or wife rejects the divorce, it is cancelled.
  3. The couple remain married until the divorce is confirmed by both husband and wife.
  4. Upon the success of divorce, 5,000 points of Affinity Value between the former spouses will be deducted.
  5. The husband pays the fee for the divorce proceedings.
  6. All married-couple titles are removed from divorced players.

Forced Divorce

  1. Either the husband or the wife files for divorce at the Matchmaker. The game will notify the other spouse that divorce proceedings have begun.
  2. The player filing for divorce must pay a fee.
  3. Upon the success of divorce, 10,000 points of Affinity Value between the former spouses will be deducted.
  4. All married-couple titles are removed from divorced players.