Single-Player PvE Challenges: Roaming the Four Seas

“Roaming the Four Seas” is a new mode of PvE gameplay for solo players. It can now be selected from the main interface.Each day, players receive a certain number of chances to participate.

This mode, as with Bounties, Achievements, Ranks, Daily Challenges and other aspects of PvE gameplay, will reward players with assorted scores and items.

Selectable Area

Rank 1

Xu Family Villa, Shen Family Castle, Heaven Treasure Stronghold, Baodu Stronghold, Evil Tiger Mountain Stronghold, Tianxiang Tea Forest, Salt Gang

Rank 2

Killers' Manor, Muyun Villa, Shenfeng Gang, Tiger Roaring Villa, Huanhua Sword Sect

Rank 3

Beast Villa, Xingxiu Sect, Phantom's Mountain Manor, Mount Song Sword Sect, Twelve-Linked Fortress

Rank 4

Nangong Family, Dongfang Family, Yanmen Family, Murong Family

Ranked title: The player with the highest rank will receive an exclusive title, which lasts for seven days until the ranking is reset.

Points and Scores: For passing milestones, players are rewarded with points in Chi, Reputation and extra time for Challenges. Certain scores given can be redeemed for Skills within the Exchange Interface.

Skills: Level 1-3 Skills such as Demon Sting, Mantis Fist, and Endless Evil Fist are rewarded.

Spy Mission Tokens: These are rewarded by passing 3 milestones and each 2 milestones thereafter (3, 5, 7, etc.).

Kill Bosses to Earn Items:As with the Daily Task, the player is rewarded for killing designated bosses with BaiXiaosheng's Weapon Manual, and the Hero Mission Token.

Additional rewards (BaiXiaosheng's Weapon Manual, Hunyuan Tendon-changing Pill)are given ONCE when each of the following conditions is met:

  • Kill all bosses in one faction for the first time
  • Kill all bosses in one faction with an A rating for the first time
  • Kill all bosses in all factions at the same level for the first time
  • Kill all bosses in all factions at the same level with an A rating for the first time