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Weapon Requirement: Staff Movement Attribute:Taichi Bonus Damage:Brawn&Breath Damage Type:External Attack Damage
After purchasing, you will receive the “Eight Trigram” small gift box. After using it, the player will receive one Eight Trigrams Gift Box (Bound) and one Mystical Ice and Flame Wine (Bound). Open the gift box to get Eight Trigrams Staff Manual level 1-3 (Unbound). The default attribute of the Eight Trigrams Staff is Taichi. Use Mystical Ice and Flame Wine to change the attribute.
Only level 1-3 skills are available for sale. Players can Challenge Factions in game to gain levels 4-6.
Refer to "Missions - Factions - Collection" for drop details.  
Level 4-6 skills are only available on servers with Tier 3 Internal Skills unlocked.