How to Apply?

Send an email with a copy of a valid U.S. ID to following this format:
Subject: Age of Wushu – WAC 2 Application
Full Name:
Snail Account:
Character Name:
Power Level:
I affirm that I, INSERT YOUR NAME, have read, understood and met all requirements for application to the Age of Wushu WAC 2 tournament, including:

I have a valid and current U.S. Passport or meet the requirements to obtain an expedited passport;
I am currently a resident of the contiguous U.S.;
I am a U.S. Citizen;
I am at least 18 years of age;
I am willing and able to travel to/from Los Angeles in March 2014;
I am willing and able to travel to/from mainland China in March 2014;
I am legally eligible under all applicable U.S., Chinese and International laws to travel outside the U.S. and within China;
I am legally competent to enter into a contract with Snail Games;
I am able to care for myself during all phases of the invitational, aside from travel and lodging, which will be provided for me by Snail Games.
Furthermore, I authorize Snail Games and its legal representation to conduct any background checks it deems necessary to confirm these statements and my eligibility, and understand that Snail Games may require additional information, documents and legal agreements in the course of any such investigation. I understand that any failure to cooperate may immediately disqualify my submission and eligibility, and that I may have to sign additional legal agreements and liability waivers in order to participate in the WAC 2 tournament.
Your application will not be considered without the requested documents attached.
Once again, all listed requirements must be met for an application to be considered. Application does not guarantee selection and all selections will be at Snail Games sole discretion.