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Age of Wushu: New Player Guide
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Author:  Earthquake [ Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Age of Wushu: New Player Guide

New Player Guide & Q/A
Waiting for your Age of Wushu to finish downloading? Trying to find out a bit more about how to get started in Age of Wushu? Well you’ve found the right place. Here we will explain in detail everything from our Account creation process, to your first few hours in the game. Let’s get started!

Account and Character Creation
    1. Register for a free account at
    2. After installing the client using our Installation Tutorial, select the server which you want your character to be on and click play!
    3. Log into your account using your chosen method of registration, be it Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Email which you entered during account registration.
    4. Input your selected password. For optimum security you can elect to use our virtual keyboard to click your password entry.
    5. Enter the game and create your custom character.
    6. Keep in mind character names of deleted characters will not be open for use. These names become locked.
    7. All bundle edition gifts and in game rewards automatically get sent to characters. These items are non-transferrable. Make sure you test ahead of time which school you want. Once you’ve created a character and applied a bundle code to your account, these gifts will be sent and we will not be able to transfer your rewards should you decide to delete your character.
    8. VIP time is server bound on your account so you will maintain VIP time from these bundles even if you delete the original character the rewards were sent to.

First Few Hours in Age of Wushu
    1. Your objective in your first 20 hours of play is to progress through your Main storyline quests and join a school. Then progress your school storyline quest until you’ve reached your school 1st inner skill rank 10 and have received your 3rd set of school specific skills.
    2. As you enter the game, you will begin to experience our new player tutorial.
    3. This tutorial will guide you on your way to learn the basics of game play.
    4. While Age of Wushu has an auto pathing feature accessible by simply clicking the green text in each quest dialog, it is essential to read the quest dialog to make sure you will not be lost later.
    5. Remember, some NPCs will require that you click on them again after turning in a quest, in order to receive a new quest on your quest line. So always check every NPC!
    6. NPCs with blue scrolls above their heads indicate they hold a daily quest for you.
    7. NPCs with yellow scrolls above their heads indicate they hold a story line or a school quest for you. These are essential to your character’s progression and must be completed.
    8. With exception to the battlefield guide quest (which can not be completed due to this feature not being in the game yet) all story line and school quest lines should be completed to advance your character properly.
    9. Age of Wushu has a unique Gossip quest system which is not mandatory for character progression. These quests will require assorted triggers from a variety of NPC dialogs in order for a player to advance through them. Some of these quests may give epic rewards while others may reward you with random tokens which are not worthy rewards. These quests are not meant to be completed by all players, and only the most patient adventurers should attempt these.

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