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Author:  Earthquake [ Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Age of Wushu: Launch FAQ

Question: Is Age of Wushu free to play?
Answer: Yes, Age of Wushu is completely free to play. VIP status is optional.

Question: What is a Deluxe Edition?
Answer: Deluxe Edition is a bundle package of VIP time and assorted in game items. During the CB2 phase, these offers were made for players to option into the closed beta by acquiring one of these packages. Think of the Deluxe Edition as a founder package. After purchase you must activate your key by using the steps outlined in our Account Activation guide.

Question: What is this VIP I keep hearing about?
Answer: VIP status requires 30 gold to purchase for 30 days of effect time. Gold may be only purchased from Snail Game through our top up system. VIP status is optional and not required to play Age of Wushu.

Question: How many characters may I have per account, and per server?
Answer: Each account may have 1 character per server.

Question: If I currently have VIP on my Blue Dragon character, can I transfer this to my new White Tiger character?
Answer: No, when purchasing VIP time, you will be prompted to select a server. This selection is final and can not be changed.

Question: How do I purchase VIP time or add Deluxe Edition keys for my White Tiger and Black Tortoise characters?
Answer: The billing systems for White Tiger and Black Tortoise have been released. Simply proceed to our code activation page and input your code. Select the server which you want to apply this code to and click confirm!

Question: When I attempt to delete my character, there is a 48 hour wait time.
Answer: This is one of the features in place to prevent the loss of your character due to accidental deletion. Characters who have chosen schools will need to wait 48 hours before they can make a new character on that server on the same account.

Question: What is the Retail Edition?
Answer: The Retail Edition is a physical game box which will be available in retail stores in the US region starting April 23rd. The Retail Edition will come with many benefits which are detailed here. This Edition is not necessary for you to begin playing Age of Wushu. Our client can be downloaded as described in this Download Tutorial!

Question: I've submitted a ticket in game and in the mail. Why is it taking so long to get a response?
Aanswer: Please keep in mind our current customer support team work hours and schedule which can be found here.

Question: How do I contact the Snail Games USA customer service team?
Answer: Check out this guide by Pyre!

Question: According to the game client, my password contains invalid characters. Attempting to reset my password through the snail game member services, I am unable to due to the fact that my log in name (my email) is too long for the text field. How can I reset my password so I can access the game?
Answer: We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has put you through. While we are fixing this issue on our English member service site, please feel free to use this Walkthrough to fix this problem.

Question: Where is my VIP?
Answer: Make sure you've successfully activated your account by following the steps here: Account Activation Guide.

Question: My password contains invalid characters, my log in name is too long for me to change this my self on the Member Services page. How do I solve this problem?
Answer: Please send a new ticket to with the topic heading "Age of Wushu - Password Reset Request." We will be able to assist you to resolve this issue by resetting your password for you.

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