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Current state of schools in chinese servers
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Author:  IXTHUA [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

Denderology wrote:
What is the top up rate in your server? How much for 1 ding in your currency?

On taiwanese server 100 gold = 1100 liang = $34.

Author:  TombRelic [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

in vietnamese server, 1ding = 100gold = around 15$ with alot of items and benefits includes.

black market = 7.5$/ding without any benefits, so will be the same.

Vietnamese student who just graduate earn around 300-350$/month for business, IT job in big city

around 200-250$/month for waiter,waitress in big city

Author:  Beckham [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

Why is 5immo inner popular? Does it give a lot of damage boost? For pvp purposes?

Why isn't ATS inner more popular? It seems other than AWE, ATS is the 2nd best for Yin. Rootless has too "all-around stats".

Author:  Wulinji [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

first ATS in YIN and Wudang are historicaly Taji

But ATS would be nice inner for wudang.

Thing is for Taiji inner ATS should have been taiji (u will notice it is the only Yin inner that unlock a hiden YANG meridian 180 .... while game for yin and yang merid as well as hiden Yin + taiji inner unlock yin and Yang + taiji unlock Yang : taiji work as a neutral element here)

since there subsect is not taiji Wudang at inner 6 era can choose beside the Jianghu inner "Purple Haze" and "Chaos Style" only 2 faction inner (Shen family and Peach Blossome Island) and ONE from a subsect ..... 5 immortal

So they don't have any kind of choices xD

Yang can choose from faction Beast Villa and Xu familly, and from Hidden sect DAMO, Shanfeng, Blood Blade
Yin can choose from faction Rootless (male only) and POMF (female only) and from hiden sects Mount Hua, ATS, Water palace (women only).

BV and Wudang got some inner 6 that allow to tank quite well in pve. thought they are not that good in PVP.

First reason is they are the 2 only inner that does not increase dmg .... and when u see what a Wuwang 86 decrease as dmg .... i will fast see u will hardly beat this with those inner 6.

5imortal suck as dence inner BUT, the 25% breath + brawn reduction reduce quite good the dmg u take, in add the skill interuption trigger BEFORE u cast a skill .... it can save u from Ping 2 win as example it hapen often to me that the stun occure during the chan charges of cahne or befor the rage. Also during the ATS counter ^^(this is my favorite one

It also for a wudang that historicaly got the issu of slow break parry, allow u, once stun occure to random cast ur open taichi fist rage without need to cast the bump first, for cool wind it allow u once ur 3 stacked are reached to instant cast the AOE to put the oponent on the ground without casting a break parry before.

IT DOES NOT MEAN WUDANG 6th suck !!!!! it is actually very strong played by a wudang. why ????

cause if u got steed and taiji fist well build u can tank for LONG time in ladder i often tank over 150K dmg during 1 fight. BUT .... every 5 sec u got a change to send back to attaker aroud 1K dmg weach mean 12K per minutes ..... and u must realise most players got around 30K PV ..... i let u figure out how stong can this inner can be for a wudang that most of the time tank untill he is full rage and cast a combo TAICHI cool wind about 25K 30K base damages for the win ..... if the oponent is 12K less HP he prollyn did not payed attention cause 12K hp lost over 1 min can look not much of a lose, but for u it mean u combo 25 30K base dmg will have 12K less dmg to do ^^ wich mean less needed crit to do OS combi wich is good ..... because what wudang can do best is build very hight base damages ^^

Author:  Wulinji [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

for my own i will max this inner one day .... but first i must cltivate 5i 73 ..... and chaos style RYOS .... and 9 more jiangu's ://////// will see when i can do wudang 6th.

in add it is a grat inner ..... with a 5sc cool down to inner schitch with chaos style and get more heal ^^^FYI

Also about 5i .... if u play multiple hit combo it is best taiji for pvp cause it add at most 500 and something dmg per hit that defence does not lower ..... BUT if ur a main build cool wind or taichifil or single strike set such budha Palm .... PBI will be better

Why ? PBI add every 25 sec 65% dmg on one hit .... Budha for example with max stack on parry break reached can add 10% more dmg + it can add up to 100% dmg from parry buff. if u got a 30% brace on stun + a 10% book on stun wich make 40% dmg + full treasures on the set it mean

at lv 12 should be 1K550 dmg u can ez add 30X5 on ur teasures wich make +150 =2K100 base dmg

then from
brace + book u win 40% = around 3K base dmg
parry break u win 10% more 3k300 dmg then u add 100% dmg from parry buff ..... u got 6K600 base dmg skill xD

with PBI proc u add 65%+ 736 soft dmg = 6600+4290=10890base damages ..... a crit will double or triple those dmg ..... so yes PBI is batter for such buid. it is the same with open taichi and or cool wind spam but Budha palm is the most fcked up set with PBI for sure, even vs a good p2w that reduce greatly u crit and u cast only the base double dmg it is a 20K hit .... i think most p2w don't go over 50K HP in a group fight u can rekt some EZ with such build. in add on wuwang user in atacking state .... this one hit won't be casted with the defence buff from wuwang .... it mean that it WILL do that much damages. for my own i sadly am rootless .... i'm fcked if i had to redo that choice i would go for PBI + budha it is way more powefull that any rootless build. i won't reverse since it took my 1 year to get rootless set 12.

info on inner are took from: ... l_faction/

Author:  DeballedG0tBanned [ Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Current state of schools in chinese servers

IXTHUA wrote:
Wudang. One of the most popular schools.
Breeze Sword. After buff it deals massive damage in PvE, 1v1 and group PvP.
TaiJi Sword. Free Pegasus and Circle the Moon lv5.
TaiJi Fist. Free Bubble and lv10 Open TaiChi.

Wanderers Valley. One of the most popular schools.
Perish Blade. The best PvE skill set in the game, it has damage, life recovery and yellow armor.
Lethal 13 Sword. A decent 1v1 PvP skill set, can do very long combos.

Royal Guards. One of the most popular schools.
Blood Killing Blade. Very good PvE, 1v1 and group PvP skill set, it has damage, range, combos and life recovery.

Shaolin. All Yang-Hard external players who cannot afford Taoist went there for 6th inner.
6th inner. Increases damage, ignores part of external defense, recovers life on parry.
Great Ancestral Fist. After buff can deal good damage, has good combos.

Beggars. Haven't seen any, i am probably the only one, mainly for fun.
Dog Beating Staff. It can be used in PvE, 1v1 and group PvP, but there are just many better sets.

Scholars. Popular school.
6th inner. It has damage, damage reduction, ignoring parry - popular inner for yin-soft players.

Tang. Popular among yin-soft external players.
6th inner. It has lots of damage, many people use it.
Golden Snake Sting. After buff it can 1-shot a 30k hp player, but being a single target skill it can be cancelled.

Golden Diamond Soft Palm. The best support set in game for group PvP or PvE, after buff also deals good damage.
Departing Stings. Has good damage in events like Exploring Jianghu or Possessed Encounter, but in any difficult instances it lacks life recovery.

Ming. Cannot say anything now, havent seen anyone using their sets or inners.

Shallow Kung Fu. In has the highest single target damage in the game. Can be used in PvE but lacks life recovery and area damage. Can be used in PvP but requires low latency.
Tempest Blade. Popular 1v1 PvP skill set for internal yin-soft players.
Defeated Scholar. Not popular, but viable skill set for external players.

Ancient Tomb. Popular school for meridian. Havent seen anyone (except me) using their inner or skill set.
Meridian. Most of breath-focused players use it.

Five Venoms. One of the most popular schools.
2nd inner. All TaiChi players use it.
Meridian. All internal players use it.

Blood Blade Clan. One of the most popular schools.
Meridian. Adds brawn, is used by players who focus on it.
2nd inner. The most popular inner. It has damage, speed, reduce life recovery, own life recovery.
Blood Blade Technique. Very good PvE skill set. If your life is below 50% - it can be used very well in 1v1 and group PvP.
Soul-Leeching Blades. A PvE skill set for internal players.

Dharma Sect. Popular school for meridian. Havent seen anyone using their inner or skill sets.
Meridian. Adds a lot of life, almost everyone use it.

Changfeng escorts. Popular school for meridian. Havent seen anyone using their inner or skill sets.
Meridian. It adds internal hit rate, ignoring internal defense, close range damage and stamina. Many players use it.

Mount Hua. Popular school for skill set and meridian. Havent seen anyone using their inner.
Mount Hua Swordplay. Very popular 1v1 PvP skill set, mainly used for air grab skill and following combo.
Meridian. Adds breathing, is used by players who focus on it.

Nianluo Dam.. Popular school, used for meridian. Havent seen anyone using their inner or skill sets.
Meridian. Adds evasion (evasion builds are most rare though) and external critical damage, used by people who focus on external damage.

Holy Water Palace. Popular for their inner.
2nd inner. It has damage, damage reduction and minor healing. Very popular.
Meridian. Mainly adds evasion, used by rare evasion build players.

Xu. Havent seen any.

Shen Havent seen any.

Beast Villa. Very popular for their inner.
Inner. It is used as switch inner at low life - for 15 seconds you will not die.

Peach Blossom Island. Not popular, but some people use their skill set.
Jade Sea Tide Tune. Good skill set for 1v1 and group PvP.

Rootless Sect. Not popular, but some people use their inner and skill set.
Inner. Has some damage and life recovery, rare people use it.
BiXie Swordplay. Has good damage, but requires low latency to use.

Palace of Moving Flowers. Not popular, but is the best school for evasion build.
Inner. Best inner for evasion in the game, has healing and damage.

What would be a good inner and good meridians for maining RG 4rth set

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