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Updates After 4 Families
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Author:  Wulinji [ Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Updates After 4 Families

About frequent complain concerning the lack of new patches.

IDK for you guys but i can count the ppl that finished game on the finger of ONE hand (in term of power = with the 10 Jianghu Inner at a decent level).

Most people ask for new expantion but there characters sucks .... and are not properly build.

In term of sets, some never worked on various set and exploited the full content of the game. I still see ppl playing CS that are EZ to level up in PVE cause they never farmed their school sets (most of school got best outcome that cs in PVE).

Hight level Snow Snord with rework, 7 skill from the well, Bagua blade Golden snake sword, 4 family sets lv 12, Subsect sets, reworked BF sets, ..... a LOT of those i never see them played. Me included i calculated that i may have 1 year and a half culti to put in sets i unlocked lv max.

Now in term of Inner I saw the server is far to be full of guys with several KYOC inner. A KYOC inner from reclusive or faction cost around 1mio culti ..... wich mean some time to cultivate it even most p2w are not done with inner.
As most people know, some new meridians were added to the game, hidden YIN and hidden YANG. SOME SAY it will compensate the diff of power with p2w.
THING IS those meridians got higher stats depending on the number of inner you have and the Lcel they have. ITXUA made a topic on that viewtopic.php?f=28&t=84852


FIRST: u must get all inners from schools 1 2 3 and as much subshool inner 1 49 and 2 63 to get a good power in term of dps with those merid (THIS MEAN BUNCH A CULTI TIME I DOUBT ANYONE ALREADY FINISHED EVERYTHING including faction as PBI, Xu, Shen family .... there is a reason why even RYOS are in those faction .... they do it to add more points on their YIN and YANG meridians.

SECOND: u also will see in this topic that a Jianghu inner 36 bring MORE STAT THAT A INNER 6 OR FACTION at KYOC LEVEL on HIDEN MERIDIANS, a Jianghu 86 even MORE but the rate cost to unlock/benefits on stat go lower after 64 for most of them !!!!

it mean 2 things:
FIRST u MUST GET THOSE INNERS to a decent level to compete with p2W OR just to enjoy ur char at a decent level cause they HAVE THOSE !!! (and there is 10 Jianghu inner now if we include the Linxiao inner)

SECOND u will see that a Jianghu 36 add more stats on those inner that a KYOC faction or school AND cost 15Million culti and not 100 million !!!!!!!!! = they are inner that will make the MORE diff at the lowest cost untill the level 49 !!!! AND TODAY U CAN GET THOSE FOR FREE 36 with Blood Plum Dart and EVEN 64 if u do the tornado event. For my own i got 9 Jianghu unlocked 36 to 64 but yet not cultivated i worked only on Chaos style right now. THIS IS A HUUUUGE AMOUNT OF TIME to make most of character worth something

ps: u will also notice that many p2w stall keep buying those blood Plum dart cause as the both items for inner 6 .... they will be needed for Jianghu 49 .... regular players that accept to sell those items less than 1J500 should just think about it and maybe keep them to unlock THEIR Jianghu inner ^^ cause in the end they will have to do so in order no to sucks.

Finally in term of gear and merdidians Still many ppl are not full c7 ... i got 2 gear c7 1 external for PVE and one interal for pvp. Look at me, an average player. I'm not even full 216 internal i still miss 1 internal 216 all the external 216 and 2 external reverses. I will need some time to get them. So i bet most people did not finished that but ask for Shenji update (2new meridians)

SO ...... i would say if u fully did at least TWO of those stages .... ok i accepted ur complains about the lack of content. BUT I DOUBT many people are here .... i even know some p2w that are not here in term of acomplishment.

Author:  Furosha [ Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Updates After 4 Families

Looking forward either a rootless update with skills buffed or more vagrant stuff.
Also wishing our regretted New World gets opened later...

Author:  Beckham [ Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Updates After 4 Families

i got 2 gear c7 1 external for PVE and one interal for pvp

What external pve set is good, other than the obvious PB? Ideally a good yang external set.

BBC 2nd set is low on single target damage, and it only shines below 50% hp. But even then some pve bosses can't be cced (PE, ymp boss), so many effects from the set is moot.

Author:  Wulinji [ Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Updates After 4 Families

I would say it depend. As u ask for Yang i suppose u play yang inner so will have a 20% malus on Yin external sets such as 1st schollar set that will make them quite useless.

Basic Kung Fu, Ahrat Fist and beast villa sets are good for any external pvers.

If you are External RG, I assume u play the grap set + set 5 at Max level and so got some strong weapon manuals for range !!

Then U should consider Shen family set: ... ex=20&t=0s

this vid show the dmg with shen inner at Max level. U must consider the set is only single target but u don't give a fck since rg can use grap to clean mobs or even a low level

then if ur yin external or taiji external there are MANY other solutions
Also u can get 50% more dmg and the skill life chaser that fully charged to 5K base dmg with 30% bracer, 10% from shen family gear and 10% from book
Also being a Shen family with max Medicine points (it mean being in shen .... ) u can add 100% mre dmg and more heal on the entire set...... with treasures and MAXIMISED build i would say it can hit 16 to 18k base dmg.

In add, this set would be great with an inner such as Beast Villa because SHen family skill reduce the mana consumption of skills AND heal mass HP while Beast villa inner recover IP, absorb dmg at low life with mana and nulify cost of skills in mana (u can check skill set descr at steadcoach and see the topic on inner 6 for inner beast effect at KYOC level).

If you are a Yang internal shaolin, Damo Staff is very good for PVE as well as Second set From DAMO sect.

Damo inner and Shaolin 6th also geat ^^ i'm not sure about Damo second set but i think it is quite badass. SHaolin thought may lake a bit of healing.

then if ur Yin or taiji external there are many other solutions.

Author:  Mrsmithz [ Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Updates After 4 Families

Luoyan wrote:
Mrsmithz wrote:
what patches that they add a Parry Recovery after your Parry run out mechanics ?

can you elaborate on your question?

i mean right now when your parry run out during fight it will slowly recover but in CN server when your parry run out it will recover very fast like 10%/sec
and that make Duel with Joined finger much more enjoy because you can't attack other parry
till run out and spam Rage

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