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what is in you opinion the Best Yang build for RG in PVE ?
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Author:  Wulinji [ Thu May 30, 2019 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: what is in you opinion the Best Yang build for RG in PVE ?

Well in my opinion an other great set internal yang/hard for PVE is the twin blade set from Blood sabre clan i know many people that dps more than spikes 13 with it heal and tank (dmg reduction from the set is OP as fcked anyone that tried this set in pvp can see it).

Also Xu family got powerfull AOW AND heal on parry break is huge (u heal twice the dmg u do when u break a parry). But the weapon is dagger :/

The palm set from RG has lower damages but allow GROUP HEAL wich make it usefull too.

Budha palm is good for people that has no cool wind because it allow Air tank Boost dps from raid with the parry break.

Setting sun sword technique is also yang hard. I use it a lot for solo because it mix dps and cc with a red armour rage. Rework allow to stack better as well.

finnaly Bagua Blade ..... Most underestimated PVE set taiji internal single blade. My dmg in PVE on rage with a wood single blade and 0 bonus is about 700 dmg per hit. Also a skill from this set allow, once trigered, to recover the HP you had before the buff start, increase in level can lower the skill cool down. But it is an hard set to get. right now triying to unlock he level 11. but did not cultivated it till now. In a few month i may will be able to do a demo of it. I may try to do one with the level 1 set.

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