Game Client Download

Click the download button above to download the full installer. If you would like to download the installer in individual pieces, use the links below.

Client patches name and sizee Client MD5 Code Download Link
data1_9yinna_Setup.exe 0d27a54380eed3b047a7487a9484b275 Download 398c8694d32bef9049f98deccbdf4da3 Download dd8b3ad8b8f41b06d4d485cbd4e94874 Download 10f09bdbc037f7b049f8c294b91bb876 Download ad554c2a36cc591d988337779ea4947c Download f4bcb787427e1cca94569dd5ef70f210 Download c4e85e823fb2445042aca2e004856a04 Download c503ce783aa1bbfeb6e56f06c10e1803 Download fdfb78ccc16154eee6545b12eafe2d52 Download da039436e753578b15d0f6a0bcd3c69d Download ec89384106d7baab28357a1641f4185d Download 2d79ca0f7bdd48d5dbb5bbce70a34e61 Download 20554517b688d8d3a7c7944c717e146c Download 720414fa1afc4345771c28414a33940e Download

All six files required to be downloaded and save into the same folder, and run "data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe" to start installation.

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