Snowland battlefield Patch Notes


1. Ming

1.1 Ming intro:

Those heroes, who defeated Yuan Dynasty with the first founder of this dynasty, didn't want to be an officer in the government but chose to be hermits in the mountains. Later, they created a faction called Ming Cult. Although living in seclusion, people of Ming Cult still consider protecting the land of central plains as their responsibility.


Ming Cult comes to jianghu with six sets of internal skills, [Blazing Flame], [Sunburst Skill], [Scorching Sun Heart Sutra], [Prairie Fire Miracle], [Vidyaraja Secret], [Move the Sky Burn the Sea], and four sets of martial arts, [Flickering Light Stab], [Enlightened Shadowblade], [Fallen Goose Bow], [Divine Arrow Nine Skills]. Why not go and have a check.


1.2 School Internal Skills:

Blazing Flame:

Ming Cult novice internal skill. It's purpose is to control fire of heart and lay the foundation against demonic possession for the later practice of deeper internal skills. When this internal skill is trained to the extreme, fire of heart is taken and given with ease, attached to the internal skill, and imperceptibly hurts the enemy.


Sunburst Skill:

Ming Cult legendary internal skill. It was created by an elder hiding at the top of snowy mountain peak. It was a set of methods to induce Yang fire to resist extreme cold. In his later years the elder was invited to Ming Cult and spread this mental skill to the disciples.


Scorching Sun Heart Sutra:

Ming Cult internal skill epitome that roots from an ancient Persian religious teachings. The cultivation conditions are very harsh, and it is extremely difficult for people without great perseverance to practice it. Later, after being carefully modified and purified by a generation of masters, practice of this discipline became available to many cult's disciples.


Prairie Fire Miracle:

It used to be an advanced skill of a certain school hundreds of years ago. The school was destroyed in the chaos of the previous dynasty, and the Scripts after being scattered over Jianghu came into possession of Ming Cult. The original name was lost, but once this skill is practiced, the sparks become a prairie fire, transforming the corruptible into mysterious life, hence the name, "Prairie Fire Miracle".


Vidyaraja Secret:

A unique internal skill created by a Ming Cult elder hailing from the Western Regions. This skill is very different from the Central Plains authentic internal skills. Having a secret Buddhist teaching as a background, it focuses on the three methods of righteous, strange and evil. The body of the user gains heavenly Buddha protection. In such a state stone will yield to them and no harm will be taken.


Move the Sky Burn the Sea:

Ming Cult rare miraculous skill. Created by the joint effort of the first three generations of the Central Plains Ming Cult leaders. At it's highest level, the blood circulates and spreads pure intentions. There is an ability to move through the vessels, gather and unload the energy of Chi, reverse the hard and soft, and reverse the power of Yin and Yang. The non-perceptive will overlook mystery.


1.3 School Martial arts:

Flickering Light Stab:

Float Light Sorrowing Shadow: Deals damage to the selected target. (This move can be used with flying skills to quickly approach the enemy.)


Dusty Light Skim Shadow: Deals damage to enemies within 5 meters. When hitting non-parrying enemy, you can get 1 stack of "Gather Shadow"status.


Flowing Light Breaks Shadow: Deals damage to enemies within 5 meters. When successfully breaking enemy's defense, paralyze the target (will slowly disappear) and make him unable to parry for 5 seconds.


Sealed Light Disperse Shadow: Deals damage to the selected enemies. The first hit disables skill of non-parrying enemies for 2 seconds. The second hit pulls them closer to you.


Astringe Light and Shadow: Enters Astringe Light and ShadowStatus: When successfully parry enemy's attack, you will get 1 stack of "Gather Shadow" status for 12 seconds. Can stack 6 times.Gather Shadow: When being attacked without parrying, "Gather Shadow" will transfer to the attacker. After 6 stacks, it will cause external damage to the enemy (Affected by Melee Damage, Internal Attack Damage and skill level).


Fleeing Light Keeps Shadow: Deals damage to enemies within 5 meters and forms a 5-meter Remain Shadow area which lasts for 10 seconds under the feet: Deals external damage to enemies within range every second and causes them unable to use flying skill. (This skill cannot be used in the air.)


Hidden Light Clamp Shadow: Deals damage to enemies within 5 meters. The first three hits of the move can cause stiffness to non-parrying enemies. And the next two hits can knockdown non-parrying enemies. Casting this skill in Remain Shadow area can get Yellow Armor status.


Swallow Light Eliminate Shadow: Deals damage to the selected target.


Enlightened Shadowblade:

Revised rotary sword mode: deals damage to selected target. (This skill can be used with a Flying Skill to approach a target quickly.)


Threatening Force sword mode: deals damage to enemies 5 meters ahead. Upon successfully breaking an enemy's parry, inflicts Stance Break: Unable to parry for 3-5 seconds. Upon suffering Through the Wind, target is immobilized.


Through the Wind rolling mode: deals damage to enemies within 5 meters. Upon hitting an enemy that is not parrying or has Stance Break status, immobilizes them for 1 second. Through the Wind: Deals 1.1x-1.3x damage upon hitting target that cannot parry.


Bone Penetrating throwing knife mode: deals damage to enemies in selected area. Inflicts faint for 2 seconds.Instep Bone: After skill is finished, you teleport to the selected area.


Phantom knife mode: Deals damage to enemies within 5 meters. If you have 3 or more stacks of Shadow Devouring, skill will consume 3 stacks to emit 3 blade shadows. Blade shadows whirl around and deal Yang Damage to enemies encountered and knock down non-parrying enemies. (Using this skill gives you Yellow Armor)


Cover the Spirit: deals damage to selected target.


Devouring Qi skill: Triggers Devouring Qi state: Upon successfully parrying an enemy attack, you get Shadow Devouring Chi Force for 15 seconds. Max 3 stacks. When Pursuit of Shadow is supported by enough Shadow Devouring Chi Force, it will condense shadow energy and increase the amount of damage inflicted by stacks of Devouring Qi.


Fallen Goose Bow:

Arrow Sky: Fires 5 rounds of arrow rain 15 meters ahead, dealing damage. Break Defense inflicts 5%-45% Slow on enemy for 5 seconds. If target is using a Flying Skill their flying skills will be disabled for 3 seconds.


Cry of the Bow: Deals damage to target. Each time a non-parrying enemy is hit, this skill adds 1 stack of Bow's Cry. Upon reaching 5 stacks, using this skill will fire three rapid shots and knock back non-parrying targets a short distance.


Not a Single Miss: Deals damage to targets within 15 meters. Skill knocks back non-parrying targets. When charge time exceeds 10%, damage is increased by 10% and range is increased by 2 meters. When charge time exceeds 50%, damage is increased by 20% and range is increased by 4 meters. When charge time reaches 100%, damage is increased by 30%, range is increased by 6 meters, and target is knocked back regardless of parry.


Moon Breaking Arrow: Deals damage and stuns target for 2 seconds. Once stun is finished, target gets Through the Moon state. If target tries to use flying skill within 5 seconds, they will be immobilized for 1 second. If they try to use a skill, they will be unable to use skills for 1 second. Once one of these effects is triggered, Through the Moon is removed.


Cloud Piercing Arrow: Fires rapidly, dealing damage to target. If target is not parrying when hit, they will suffer stiffness.


Goose Startling Arrow: After a successful parry, gives self Startling Bow state, which increases movement speed by 10%-50% for 15-30 seconds. At the same time, there is a 30% chance to add Fallen Goose state, which grants immunity to movement debuffs for 10/15 seconds. Immunity to movement debuffs has a 25-second cooldown.


Bowstring's Shadow: Jumps back and fires, dealing damage to target. (This skill can be used with a Flying Skill to approach a target quickly.)


Divine Arrow Nine Skills

Cover the Spirit: Deals damage to selected target. (This skill can be used with a Flying Skill to approach a target quickly.)

Singing Arrow: Deals damage to enemies 20 meters ahead. Inflicts Severed Tendon on non-parrying enemies: Reduces movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds. Max 5 stacks.


Sharp as a Halberd: Deals damage to selected enemy. Inflicts Cut Pulse upon breaking an enemy's parry: enemy is unable to use flying skills for 3 seconds. Consuming an extra 2 stacks of Flaming Meteor will send enemy flying upon breaking their parry.


Startling Bowstring: Deals damage to selected enemy and drops airborne non-parrying enemies. Adds Startle: keys are disordered for 5 seconds and inflicts Scald and severed Tendon states on the enemy. (While enemy has Scald and Severed Tendon, effects will be intensified)


Tiger Butchering: Launches a large number of arrows over an 8x25 meter rectangle, dealing  damage to enemies and inflicting immobilization for 1 second if they are not parrying. At the same time, enemies knocked to the ground will be unable to get up.When skill is used in the air, fewer arrows are fired and less damage is dealt.


Hang the Louse: Deals to selected enemy and knocks them down if they are airborne. This effect has a high hit rate.


Flaming Meteor: After successfully parrying an enemy, you get "Flaming Meteor" state: Lasts 12-24 seconds. Max 3-7 stacks. Adds Scald effect to arrow attacks for this set. Using an arrow attack from this set consumes 1 stack of Flaming Meteor.Scald: Deals 17-60 Yang Damage every second for 5 seconds. Max 5 stacks. Damage increases with number of stacks.


Shoot the Stone: Charges for a while and then fires an arrow forward, dealing damage to enemies along the way. Non-parrying enemies will be sent flying.


Shoot the Sun: Deals damage to enemies within 8 meters. Each hit will cause non-parrying target to faint for 3 second.


1.4 Ming school forbidden instance:

In the chaos of the world decades ago, the Ming Cult congregation took the lead in raising the banner of righteousness against the Tartar. Its forces swept through Wulin with the force of the prairie fire, and their influence for a while remained great. Although the Ming Cult congregation is broad, it has all kinds of people there. At that time, a dark master was hunted by many enemies because he hid a book of wicked evil. Later, he changed his name and entered Ming Cult. He secretly practiced dark arts, and he became possessed by the devil.


After that, he had disputes with several cult members and seriously wounded them. Finally, the Ming Cult could not tolerate him anymore. After being besieged by the cult's masters, he escaped and disappeared into the mountains with Scripts. It is rumored that a few years later a group of Ming Cult congregation accidentally went deep into the mountains and were attacked by a fierce giant ape. According to the survivors, this ape used the martial arts of the apostasy demon. In a short while the news spread rapidly. The former enemies of the apostasy demon in Jianghu and those who coveted the evil skills learned that the clues of the Scripts were hidden on the demon ape in the mountains, and went to look for it. One of the most mysterious foreign forces, Mingyue, even sent their martial masters to set camp in the surrounding mountains.


After most of the Wulin people failed to find anything, they insisted on staying and looking for the Demon Ape. Ming Cult and Mingyue camp for many years were only separated by the mountains. Although they had no contact with each other, they were alert of each other's existence. Today they found out about their ambitions and decided to strike the Ming Cult whenever there is a chance, and encroach it. Should Ming Cult ignore this, it will surely become the biggest hidden danger of the cult!


2. Group Martial Arts Competition

In Group Martial Arts Competition, people from all over the world fight together. Group Martial Arts Competition is open to all servers. Players from all servers will battle in the same server. Every week in Group Martial Arts Competition, there will be unique and special competition rules. Participating players need to go to the page of Battle Strength to set their Skill Sets, Internal Skill, meridians, and gears.



3. New Martial Skills

Thunderclap Arrow:

Thunderbolt on the bow, thunder in the clouds. Deals damage to target.


Pierce the Forest:

Raise hand and draw a bow, the arrow flew across the river. Deals damage to target. The farther away the target is, the more damage this skill deals.


Pluck the Bowstring:

Shoot the arrow optionally. Deals damage to enemies 25 meters ahead. Break Defense inflicts Paralysis for 3 seconds.


Split the Clouds:

Break the firmament and dispel the clouds, penetrate the sun and chase the souls. Charges for 1 second and then deals damage to selected target. The longer the skill is charged, the more damage it deals. With invisibility, deals an extra 30% damage to targets with higher than 70% HP.


World in Chaos:

One arm holds the sky, many clouds stir mist. Grants "World in Chaos" status: After successfully parrying an enemy, you get Earthquake Chi Force for 24 seconds. Max 5 stacks. With Earthquake, you can use the following skill: Consumes 1 stack of Earthquake to deal 121 External Skill Damage to nearby enemies (this amount is affected by melee and internal skill buffs) and repels nearby non-parrying enemies. It also renders them unable to use flying skills for 3 seconds. Using this skill gives self Yellow Armor. When you have more than 3 stacks of Earthquake, you can consume 2 stacks of Earthquake to kick up dust nearby, creating a dust cloud over 5 meters that renders you invisible and renders enemies blind and disorders their keys.


Wind Blows the Shadows:

Turn around with string, arrow flies with rope. Fires an arrow with launching mechanisms. Deals damage to selected enemy. If it hits an enemy that isn't parrying, it will inflict fainting on them for 2 seconds and give them a mark effect: for 10 seconds, Evasion Rate falls by 5% and Evasion falls by 50. Launching mechanism will trigger on enemy's body, inflicting 61 External Skill Damage on enemy (this amount is affected by melee and internal skill buffs).


Light Melts the Dust:

Pull the string and hide the intention of killing. Fires an arrow toward selected area. Deals damage to enemies in the area and triggers Hidden Danger: Pulls enemies within 5 meters toward the center of the mechanism and gathers them together before detonating, rendering non-parrying enemies unable to parry for 3 seconds.


Pearl Torrent:

Flowers falling down from the tree, heavy rain looks like pearls strung together. Fires continuous arrows, dealing to target.


4. Snowland Escape:

After entering the Snowland battlefield, you have to get various resources including martial arts, internal skills, and equipment by searching the corpses of Jianghu People or chests in the area. You can also loot a player's items by defeating the player. Try to survive till the end before the Snowland is fully covered by snow storm. Tips: The keyboard settings of the sets you picked up will have their first keyboard settings saved. The snow storm in the battlefield will become heavier and heavier, try to use the mounts to avoid storm and meteors reasonably.