Merry Christmas!


50% Gold Rebate
From 00:00 22nd to 23:59 28th Dec,

Every purchase for gold 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 will get a 50% rebate. When the recharge is completed, players will receive the bonus gold by system.

Chrismas Tree Blessing
Dec22 to Jan4
During the event, Christmas tree will appear in Suzhou City.
VIP players who reached Peak of Power can interact with the Christmas tree to pray for blessings, which will give players a random buff, once a day.

Campfire Party
Dec22 to Dec28
Folks from Qiandeng Town, Jiming Posthouse, Ruined Valley and Yanyu Villa have planned a bonfire party to celebrate Christmas.
There are 12 Bonfire Party Hosts available in Qiandeng Town, Jiming Posthouse, Ruined Valley and Yanyu Villa. The party starts at 8 PM every evening. At each party there will be 3 big bonfires, Wine Jugs, Barbecue Racks and Bonfire Party related NPCs. All NPCs will be gone at 9 PM.

Warm Up at the Hot Springs
Dec29 to Jan4 
Right at the time of Christmas and New Year, when the five cities in Age of Wushu are being coated with heavy snowfall, Jianghu magnates have built 5 springs in each of the five cities. Spring Headmen are now tasked with entertaining heroes from all schools and factions with all they’ve got in place— facilities, services, free giveaways of gifts, as well as magic spring water that can speed up Internal Skill cultivation!