AOW Expantion Patch Notes


New Martial Arts

Ghost Crime Blade

Unconstrained Sword

Drunken Soul

Virtuous Sword Skill

Array-Breaking Blade

Weeping Demon Stab


New Scene

Night City

Thirty years ago, if you were talking about the forces that swept the Foreign Wulin, the word would make all people's hearts tremble with fear: Goriness! This outer territory Killer group's deeds that instilled terror are too numerous. The most terrifying though was the ultimate poison killing technique. Legend has it that the poison cast by the Goriness group of masters is not only incurable, but can also pinpoint the time of death. As long as the pay is right - a year and a half, a month, a few short days or an instant death - it will always be perfect for the employer's needs.

Five Elements Palace

Five Elements Palace, Foreign Wulin's most fearsome and massive faction. Under the guidance of Person in Red, a thrilling trial is about to start.

In the midst of intertwined desires and conflicts, you will finally meet Ghostface Saint, the master of Five Elements Palace. A mask covers the face as well as the heart. Fighting with him will be a stunning duel. But everything comes to an end. When picking up the mask, the heart filled with uncertainty. Everything is an end and a return to the starting point...

Gloomy Peak

After all these years, in this dark night city, the renowned Gloomy Peak should have set a division here! But as the old saying goes: The sparrow may be small, fully-equipped. The gloomy peak in night city is only a little tip of an iceberg, but is also equipped with important items like skills collection…

If you can sneak into it, then you will have chance to learn the famous skill, Ghost Crime Blade. It is a Qimen fist blade skill, which has fast moves and strong control effect. The enemy will die the moment he loses his attention.

Clearheaven Palace

Clearheaven Palace is located deep in the remote and secluded valley of Foreign Wulin. Surrounded by mountains, the terrain is treacherous and difficult to enter and exit. According to legend, it was founded by Taoist He Ying, the direct disciple of Sun Buer, a disciple of the Seven Quanzhen Taoists. In a hundred years, what was once a small Taoist temple has become the famous Fireheaven Palace in Foreign Wulin. The current lord Tianxuan renamed Fireheaven Palace to Clearheaven Palace. He took refuge from the world, recuperated and no longer participated in Jianghu struggles, seeking only the state of tranquility and forgetfulness.

Ghost City

One day, several families in Night City caught fires, but the Five Elements Palace inspection disciples did not pay attention to. Not long after, the fire started again! A street of people's homes are on fire, and the fire was raging, making heavy casualties.

Five Elements Palace senior management had to begin to intervene in the investigation of the fire, the chivalrous warriors are also ordered by the city lord to assist in the investigation ......

The warriors found that the peculiar aroma described by the people was emitted by a spice called black stone incense, and this black stone incense is not all in the Night City. After several investigations, the warriors finally found that all the clues pointed to the same place - the ghost city.


Jianghu Forces Reformation

  1. The old Factions Challenge and Roaming the World functions are integrated and optimized.
  2. Newly added Factions Challenge forces in Tales of Yanyu: Double Dragon Castle, Gloomy Peak.
  3. In Roaming the World interface, players can use newly added Challenge Points to exchange for Roaming the World items.
  4. The Race Challenge in Roaming the World is optimized and its rules are improved.


Double Dragon Castle

Located in the scenic Jiangnan, adjacent to Scholars. Twin Dragons Castle is divided into Yellow Dragon Castle and Green Dragon Castle. They are two Hakka tulou castles in southern Fujian, which are quite different from the architectural style of Jiangnan gardens.


Gloomy Peak

Gloomy Peak is built on cliffs, surrounded by four flowers of the underworld: Ghost Plant, Lycoris, Black Datura, Red Sack. There are poisonous miasma in the four flower fields. One trapped in the flower field swamp surely won't be returning home.


New Leader

Night City Twin Sisters

Name: Tang Meijiao

School: Tangmen

Relation: Qin Tayu's wife

Background: Nicknamed "Hundred Flower Venomous Maiden", beautiful as a flower, she likes to plant flowers and brew poisons. She is Tangmen's second daughter and is mischievous and stubborn. She killed her previous husband from a poison she gave him for fun. Gifted poison-maker favored by Tang Sigong. Good at developing poisons and using them.

Name: Tang Meiyan

School: Tangmen

Identity: Well-respected in Ten Thousand Poison Palace

Background: Known as "Silver-Thread Fierce Lady", she is Tang Meijiao's twin sister yet her personality is quite different. She's mature and reasonable. Likes to research about secret devices and hidden weapons. She likes to sneak attack on enemies using secret devices.


Boss Intelligence

1. Every Sunday at 20:00, the Twin sisters appear in Night City (1496, 1761).

2. Sisters within 10 meters from each other will receive bonuses. Reduces damage received by 100% and increases damage done by 100%.

3. When one of the sisters' HP drops to 4%, they become immune to all damage for 15 seconds. If the other party's HP is not attacked to 4% within 15 seconds, both sisters' HP will fully recover.

4. If both sisters' HP is lower than 4%, they will enter the next stage. Both sisters will get "No Way Out" state, in which the boss may die at any time.

5. Loot Rewards: Loot is whatever drops when the boss dies after the final hit. Contains World Auction items.

Ghost City Auction

There are regular appearance auctions in Ghost City. All kinds of rare treasures of Jianghu, martial arts books, and divine weapons will appear. Go to find Hao Huo and see if you can get anything from him.

New Fobidden Areas

Home Mansion

Auction Rules

In first week, the system will bid a certain number of building tokens, and system inventory of home mansion will be related to the changes of progress of the Age of Wushu Records.

Players can build home mansion after getting the building token, and next week system will acquire the number of built home mansions. If the number is less than system inventory, then system will bid the rest of the building tokens on the auction day.

Home Mansion Building

Building token can last for 3 days after being acquired from system auction.

After the home mansion is built, the home owner can acquire a special title “Noble Master” by system mail.

Home Mansion Atrributes

Main House Size and Courtyard Size are at maximum level.

Luxury, Prosperity: 30275 

Feng Shui: 500 Acquire one unique Feng Shui and Feng Shui Buff that lasts for longer time-span.

Directly acquire 100000 Supply points and a 24-slots home locker.

In the courtyard, players can use flying skill at will.

New Gameplay

Escape into Night City

Night City is dark and the weather here is ever-changing. People from Jianghu find it difficult to adapt to this abnormal environment, and easily get Possessed. In Escape into Night City, the area environment changes every 5 minutes. After each change, players may become Possessed or Awaken. All players involved in the gameplay need to try their best to save themselves and defeat the enemy.

Explore the Five elements Palace

Gameplay Introduction:

Players can enter the Five Elements Palace via Changming Boat Ye Xiangmian.

Players can choose any palace to explore. The gameplay and clues between each palace do not affect each other.

During the "Exploration period", the Clue Letters obtained by the player will be directly converted into "Trial points" when entering the "Trial period". During this period, there is no upper limit to the Trial Points obtained.

When the palace exploration progress of the Five Elements Palace is all full, you enter the "Trial period".

Forces Gameplay

Material Collection

Single Player Daily Gameplay:

Four flowers of Gloom are scattered around Gloomy Peak: Ghost Plant, Lycoris, Black Datura, Red Sack. The school urgently requires them for making a medicine, so move it.


Routine Inspection

Single Player Daily Gameplay:

There are many Gloomy Peak spies in Night City. The spies are Ye Jun, Zheng Tao, Nie Sheng and Qian Gang. Go to Night City to get the latest information from the spies. At the same time, instruct them to continue spying.


Refine Martial Arts

Single Player Weekly Gameplay:

Enter the event via Shentu Tai. The gameplay time is 30 minutes. There will be two Gloomy Peak disciples during the gameplay. After defeating one disciple, you must defeat the other disciple within 10 seconds. If they are defeated at the same time, the game will be over. Otherwise, the defeated disciple will heal and continue to fight.