Events of December


Lightening icons and receiving Heavenly Steed Shards  
During the event, Jianghu VIP Players can lighten the icons of Heavenly Steed. Each lighting consumes one Heavenly Steed Shard . When all the icons have been lightened, you can click the Claim Lore button at the interface to get:1 Heavenly Steed Gift Pack (This reward is sent by mail).
How to get Heavenly Steed Shard:
1. Obtain from reward chest of 100 Daily Activity.
2. Obtain by completing the quests of Rare Treasure Envoy (Chengdu 717,666).
3. Heart Devil events have a chance to drop unbound Heavenly Steed Shards.
4. You can exchange Holy Fire Divine General Token for Heavenly Steed Shard at Yun Xiao (Suzhou 430,798)
Notice: Except exchanging at store, other ways to get Heavenly Steed Shard will be invalid after 00:00 on Dec29 2023. The deadline for lightening the icon and receiving the lore reward is 0:00 on Dec29 ,2023. Please claim the reward in time!

Support Ming Cult 
1. Ming Cult has entered the world, they delve deep into Internal skills teachings. Many Five Aggregates Books are required to hold the inner demon, and the disciples were ordered to collect them. Anyone to donate will have Ming Cult gratitude.
2. Receive the "Support Ming Cult" mission from Gu Dajian (Senior Brother Ming) at coordinates (878, 666) in the Chengdu Martial Arts School. To complete the mission, submit 6 Five-Realm Demon-Slaying Items.
3. Upon mission completion, receive gratitude from the Ming Cult: Ming Cult Rare Treasures. This mission can be completed up to 10 times daily.
4, Open Ming Cult Rare Treasure to get a  Holy Fire Divine General Token, which has a chance to get one of the followings: 1 Snow Lotus Fruit, 1 Hunyuan Pill, 5 Orders of the Hero.
5. Gather 111 Sacred Fire Divine General Tokens to exchange for the esteemed title "Holy Fire Divine General" at Gu Dajian's location in the Chengdu Martial Arts School (coordinates: 878, 666).
6. Sacred Fire Divine General Tokens can also be exchanged for the Bound Aotian Divine Horse Fragments in Suzhou Yunxiao at coordinates (430, 798). During the mount fragment event, individuals can purchase up to 20 Heavenly Steed Shards.
1. "Holy Fire Divine General" is a permanently bound title. During the event, each player can only exchange for one Ming Cult title.
2. Holy Fire Divine General Tokens are bound items and will expire on December 30, 2023, at 00:00.
3. Ming Cult Rare Treasures are bound items and will expire on December 26, 2023, at 00:00.
4. Items obtained by opening Ming Cult Rare Treasures are all bound.
5. If a player's backpack has no Five-Realm Demon-Slaying Items to submit for the mission, the player needs to delete the task to return to the NPC's higher-level task interface before accepting a new task.

Participate in Forbidden Instances to Acquire the Dragon Pattern Jade Pendant 

During the event,  VIP players can visit the Rare Treasure Envoy in Chengdu at coordinates (717, 666) to undertake tasks. Upon completing specified Forbidden Instances, players can obtain 1 Rare Treasure Certificate and 1 Bound Aotian Divine Horse Shard. Once a sufficient number of certificates is collected, players can exchange them at the Chengdu Rare Treasure Envoy (coordinates: 717, 666) for an extraordinary rare treasure: Dragon Pattern Jade Pendant.

The Dragon Pattern Jade Pendant has both internal and external attributes with randomized values. Players should carefully check relevant prompts when exchanging for the treasure.

1. All items involved in this event are bound. The Rare Treasure Envoy's task can be completed once per day.
2. Rare Treasure Certificates and exchanged treasure packages will disappear at 00:00 on December 28, 2023.
3. Treasures from high-progress AOW Record can be exchanged for the treasures of low-progress. Low AOW Records cannot be exchanged for those from high AOW Record.
4. The initial skills of the Dragon Pattern Jade Pendant are random. Players can use the Treasure Skill Reset Voucher to refine skills by visiting Liu Yingpeng.
5. Only VIP players can participate in this event.