Online Events Updated 4.26


Battle Against the Bandits & Campfire Party 

From 26th April to 7th May


1.Everyevening,from 19:15 sever time,many mountain bandits will be surfaced somewhere near Suzhou Forest, King Wu Tomb, Snail Island and Windbell Valley. Go get them!


2.Campfire Party starts every night from 21:00-22:00 server time

Happy International Labour Day 

Double Gain Event

From 1st to 7th May 


a. Double Martial Practice

During the event period, players will find an extra 100 Silver Coin limit when using the Martial Practice feature. 


b. Double Life Skill Gains

During the event period, all life skill gains are increased by 100%.

Note:  The daily maximum amount of Life Skill proficiency point gain remains unchanged. 


c. Bonus Cultivation Time

During the event period, all group cultivation will receive a 20% bonus.